Day of Coordination Services:

Unlike a wedding planner, a Day of Coordinator is for brides and grooms who want to do most of the initial planning themselves, but when their wedding day arrives, they want a professional there to make sure the day goes smoothly. A coordinator’s job is to always be thinking one step ahead of what’s actually happening, so the day runs smoothly.

Too often, brides rely on family and friends to help carry out plans on the day of their wedding. By asking a friend or family member to take on this stressful task, that person will not be able to enjoy the event as a guest.

Why Do you need a wedding coordinator?

When you picture your wedding day, do you picture any of these things…

  • You and your bridesmaids lighting candles.
  • Telling the Ushers to start seating your guest.
  • Helping your 3 year old flower girl get down the aisle right before YOU do.
  • Making sure your Photo Booth is set up in the right corner of the venue.
  • Restocking your candy bar at 9pm.

I don’t think so! You don’t want to be stressed out about those little things on your big day. We are here to help you, so you and your family can relax and have a perfect time!


  • Creating a time line for the wedding day.
  • Ensures everyone is dressed on time and ready for pictures.
  • Unlimited hours of service on the wedding day and rehearsal evening. (Dose not include tear down)
  • Manage wedding vendors during the entire day and assist with any problems/questions they may have.
  • Manage wedding party.
  • Manage vendor and décor setup at ceremony and reception sites.
  • Organize and distribute all flowers to wedding party, family members and special guests.
  • Provide Bridal Emergency Kit – aspirin, energy bars, mints, flower girl basket, lighters, sewing kit, etc.
  • Oversee ushers and guest book attendants.
  • Make sure the bridal party is looking picture perfect.
  • Properly line up processional and cue musicians.
  • Pack up items from church and take to reception before guest arrive.
  • Place table names, place cards, favors, toasting glass and serving set per your instructions.
  • Bustle bride’s gown and have bobby pins, safety pins, scissors and lip gloss ready for her at any moment.
  • Coordinate entertainment and all announcements/events during reception
  • Run errands to grab more beer cups or forgot something at church.
  • And many more things.

Meet Kaylie Rogers

Kaylie Rogers |  Kansas City, Missouri
Veil Events Wedding Coordinator

Hi, I’m Kaylie!
I started working at Veil Events as an intern, then became a wedding assistant, and now I’m a lead coordinator! I’m also a newlywed! My husband Spencer and I tied the knot on August 2nd this year! We live in KCMO in our new home and love it here! I work full time at Stoney Creek Hotel, so it’s safe to say I LOVE events!  I love weddings, especially because I get to help other brides make their dreams come true on the most special day of their life. Veil Events helped me on my big day, and it was the best decision we made when booking vendors! I love that I can give back and allow other brides to relax and enjoy their day!
A fun fact about me is that I love ceramics! One of my favorite things in life is throwing pottery on the wheel.

Why is it important for a bride to hire a wedding coordinator?

– I think It’s important to hire a wedding coordinator because your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and on that day, you shouldn’t have to worry about a thing! If you hire a coordinator, everything on that day goes into their hands and you get to relax and enjoy every minute of the day that you’ve been dreaming of! There are so many little things that go on during a wedding day that people don’t think about, and having a coordinator makes sure that there is someone accomplishing those tasks and making everything go as smoothly as possible! Having a wedding coordinator is like having your very own personal assistant for your engagement and big day!!

How and when did you start in the wedding industry?

-I have wanted to work in the wedding industry ever since I can remember. There’s something about helping somebody else have the day of their dreams that fills me with joy! I got my start in the wedding industry in my senior year of college. I actually was Veil Events’ first intern! I spent that time shadowing and assisting Lindsay and learning all there is to know about weddings. After that, I finished out school, got married (had Veil Events coordinate my own wedding) and then I started as a coordinator myself!!

Tell us about your experience as a wedding coordinator.

– My experience with weddings has been nothing short of an adventure. Every wedding is so different and unique in its own ways that being a wedding coordinator always keeps me on my toes. Being a coordinator has made me fall even more in love with weddings because I get to see and hear so many love stories and meet and work with a lot of awesome people! Of course, there can be ups and down sometimes when it comes to planning, but in the end, there’s a happily married couple, and a tired but ecstatic coordinator.

Tell us about a time when you helped the bride on her wedding day.

– Outside of being a coordinator, I have done a lot of wedding teardowns. This is an additional service that not all brides choose to do, but I think it has really helped brides and let them relax at the end of the day because they know that everything is taken care of.

-One specific time that I helped a bride was when she had special photo charms on her bouquet of loved ones who couldn’t be there. Throughout the day they sadly started falling off and one had gone completely missing for a few hours. We were able to search and find it on the ground in the reception hall! When I gave it to the bride it LIT up her face and she was so incredibly happy! Helping incorporate meaningful touches into the day is always so much fun!

What is your favorite part of the wedding day?

– Every part of wedding day is great, there are too many to choose a favorite! My ultimate favorite part of a wedding day is the first look. First looks really kick off the excitement and activities for the day and everything after that point just falls into place for the couple! Another favorite part for me is when the bride and groom walk into the ceremony or reception venue and see how their vision came to life and how beautiful everything looks. After planning and putting so much effort into this day, it’s really a surreal feeling!

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Thank you Veil Events for such a memorable experience

“Lindsay Kooser, owner/founder of Veil Events, went above and beyond expectations of what we were looking for with a Day of Coordinator. I am an Event Manager by profession so I could have pull everything together myself, but wanted to be able to be present in the day and not worry about anything. Lindsay & Kaylie did an impeccable job keeping everything in line, laughing with me, and transforming my vision into a reality. I could not be more grateful for the entire process- from receiving the Wedding Planning Guide to helping me decide between infinite options and helping me walk down the aisle. Despite the pandemic this year, my husband (that is crazy to say!) and I knew we were going to be married as planned and Lindsay was so supportive through the entire process. It was the perfect day and beyond our wildest dreams! Thank you Veil Events for such a memorable experience.”

Casey Watson & Matt Miller – 9.26.2020 – Fields at Eighteen Ninety, KCMO

I’m forever thankful for these girls and how much they made my day! They are the BEST!

“I knew from day 1 that I wanted Veil Events to be apart of my wedding day because they were apart of my best friends big day. & I saw how they went above AND beyond for her. Paige was there for me throughout my entire engagement and was always ready and willing to help. She even made sure I knew she was one text away if I needed her for absolutely anything- even the stress of the big day approaching. I highly recommend Veil Events – they will make the process smooth, organized and just plain LOVELY. The wedding planning guide was extremely helpful and sets them apart from other coordinators (although they were truly the only coordinator I was even considering). I used it up until my big day as it was an easy guide to refer back to and had everything I needed- from each vendor down to their phone numbers. We chose to add on the end of the night service and I mean to tell you Kaylie was an angel. She knew exactly what needed to be done and was SO helpful. This was an important service to add on and I don’t know how brides go without. I truly could cry writing this – I am forever thankful for these girls and how much they made my day! They are the BEST!”

Miranda Gilmore & Sawyer Kollmorgen – 8.30.2020 – Hawthorne House, KCMO