Day of Coordination Services:

Unlike a wedding planner, a Day of Coordinator is for brides and grooms who want to do most of the initial planning themselves, but when their wedding day arrives, they want a professional there to make sure the day goes smoothly. A coordinator’s job is to always be thinking one step ahead of what’s actually happening, so the day runs smoothly.

Too often, brides rely on family and friends to help carry out plans on the day of their wedding. By asking a friend or family member to take on this stressful task, that person will not be able to enjoy the event as a guest.

Why Do you need a wedding coordinator?

When you picture your wedding day, do you picture any of these things…

  • You and your bridesmaids lighting candles.
  • Telling the Ushers to start seating your guest.
  • Helping your 3 year old flower girl get down the aisle right before YOU do.
  • Making sure your Photo Booth is set up in the right corner of the venue.
  • Restocking your candy bar at 9pm.

I don’t think so! You don’t want to be stressed out about those little things on your big day. We are here to help you, so you and your family can relax and have a perfect time!


  • Creating a time line for the wedding day.
  • Ensures everyone is dressed on time and ready for pictures.
  • Unlimited hours of service on the wedding day and rehearsal evening. (Does not include tear down)
  • Manage wedding vendors during the entire day and assist with any problems/questions they may have.
  • Manage wedding party.
  • Manage vendor and décor setup at ceremony and reception sites.
  • Organize and distribute all flowers to wedding party, family members and special guests.
  • Provide Bridal Emergency Kit – aspirin, energy bars, mints, flower girl basket, lighters, sewing kit, etc.
  • Oversee ushers and guest book attendants.
  • Make sure the bridal party is looking picture perfect.
  • Properly line up processional and cue musicians.
  • Pack up items from church and take to reception before guest arrive.
  • Place table names, place cards, favors, toasting glass and serving set per your instructions.
  • Bustle bride’s gown and have bobby pins, safety pins, scissors and lip gloss ready for her at any moment.
  • Coordinate entertainment and all announcements/events during reception
  • Run errands to grab more beer cups or forgot something at church.
  • And many more things.

Meet Christie Pease

Christie Pease |  Topeka, Lawrence & Kansas City, Kansas
Veil Events Wedding Coordinator

Hello, I’m Christie!
I am a momma to a standard poodle! I have a brother and sister and am an aunt to two fun little girls. I enjoy traveling and experiencing new places and spending time with family. During the week, I work as an office manager for independent court reporters.
Working in the wedding industry has always been a dream of mine, I’m so thankful to of found Veil Events. I’ve enjoyed working with Brides and their families. It’s so nice to know that no one is stressing out about the day when I’m at the wedding. I love helping everyone relax! Contact Veil Events for wedding coordination. We can’t wait to be there on your special day!

How and when did you start in the wedding industry?

When my sister got married, I thought how much I would enjoy helping others with their wedding days. I also saw how much stress it put on our family and my sister to have to deal with all the details on wedding day, setting up, keeping on schedule, contacting late vendors.  We did not get to enjoy the day as fully as we had hoped.  When I came across Lindsay’s training, I knew it was just what I needed to get started. I just went through the training about a year ago and started helping brides shortly after that.  It has been so fun and rewarding to help the brides on their big day.

Tell us about your experience as a wedding coordinator.

Wedding coordinating is such a rewarding job.  There is so much work that goes on behind the scene at a wedding, before the wedding and the day of.  The bride and groom and their families have spent so much time and money to make the perfect memories.  For me wedding coordinating is working hard for that bride to make sure everything runs smoothly, that everyone is on time, and everything is in place so that the bride, groom and their families can enjoy a stress-free day.  I love watching them fully enjoy their day and their visions come to life.

Tell us about a time when you helped the bride on her wedding day.

The most memorable time was actually the first wedding that I helped with.  The venue that we were at has a beautiful place for outside weddings, but the forecast was not in our favor.  We had decided to set up for an inside wedding.  About 30 minutes before wedding time, we saw a break in the rain so the bride asked if we could go with plan A, an outside wedding.  Of course.  Lindsay and I, along with some amazing help, kicked it into high gear and pulled off an amazing outside wedding.  Just as the bride had imagined.

What is your favorite part of wedding day?

My favorite part of wedding day is when the bride and groom see each other for the first time. This is such a special moment for them. This is what the day is all about, the love that they share for each other, and in that moment, that emotion and feeling really comes to life. The two get to take a moment together and enjoy each other.  We get to see them, in that moment be ‘them’, together, and enjoying the day.

Please contact Christie here!????
Call: 785-224-9947

I couldn’t be more happy with Veil Events! Christie was amazing!

“I couldn’t be more happy with Veil Events! Christie was amazing! I started working with her in April after postponing our first date in June. Fast forward to July and having to postpone our large reception for a second time. She was so comforting and reassured me it would all work out regardless of the circumstance. It was fantastic day. Christie did not skip a beat when we had to find a new venue and scale everything back due to COVID. She handled everything on our day, managed every detail, all the while taking care of our wedding party at the same time. Thank you Christie! I couldn’t have done it without you! It was a perfect day! See you next year on our one year anniversary party!

Michelle Herron & Nicholas Lysaught -9.26.2020- Strawberry Hill Museum, KCK

I cannot thank Christie and Veil Events enough for making my day the BEST day!

“When I first got engaged, I was fully ready to plan the wedding with just myself and my then fiancé (now husband!). But as the months started to creep on and the wedding date grew closer, I grew more and more stressed. I eventually found myself sitting on our living room floor with our two cats and had the moment when I asked myself, “Can I really do this by myself?” I just broke down into tears. Shawn (my husband) sat with me and asked me what did I need, and I told him that I couldn’t do this by myself. So, we decided that our best option was to look into a day of coordinator. And when we stumbled upon Veil Events, I was more than excited to get the process started! I originally met with Lindsay (the owner) and we sat and talked about what I wanted my wedding day to look like. I told her how I wanted to make it primarily about my family and friends who were going to be coming out from different parts of the country to attend. That this wedding was about two very, very different families coming together to make one giant family! She immediately told me that she was here and ready to help; and those were all the words I needed to hear.

And then COVID-19 happened, which really threw a wrench in our plans. There were many nights where Shawn and I wondered if we were ever going to have a wedding. And after months of wrestling with a decision, we finally decided to go ahead with the wedding.
Fast forward to September 5 — the day of my wedding went so smoothly and I have to give all the credit to our coordinator, Christie. She was so sweet and decisive that I had no stress the entire day! She made sure that vendors arrived on time, that hair and make-up was on schedule, and the people were exactly where they needed to be. She made me feel so at ease and I honestly could not have done this without her. Even when I had my first look with my dad, I cried little a baby and she was there with tissues. She held my bouquet when I was taking photos. She made sure that both Shawn and I were fed and hydrated. She was on top of everything and had everything down to a science! I cannot thank Christie and Veil Events enough for making my day the BEST day!”
Natalie Engler & Shawn Verratti 9.5.20 – The Brownstone, Topeka Ks

You NEED a Coordinator!

“When I first started getting into the whole planning a wedding thing, I questioned if I truly needed a coordinator. Let me cut to the chase by saying YES. You NEED a coordinator! I was lucky enough to have Christie as my coordinator. & when I say she is superwoman, I mean she took care of EVERYTHING! From planning the timeline, to working with the different vendors, to bringing my bouquet, & being there to pick up the train of my dress every time I turned around – I have no idea how she did it all, but she did & she did so flawlessly.

We had a few hiccups during the day, as all weddings do, but Christie was there to put out the “fires” way before I even knew about them. I am forever grateful for her, for making my day so stress-free & memorable. I had no idea what all really goes into coordinating, but now that I know I can say you will not regret hiring one! Worth every single penny & then some! So thankful for Christie & all the hard work she put in! ❤️”

Jeri Billings & Dustin Carpenter – Wedding Date 7.10.2020  – WIllows Bend

Best Money Ever Spent!

“I had already gotten the major things booked before hiring Veil Events, but knew that on the day of the wedding I would need help corralling my huge wedding party & family. I didn’t want to have to stress about things getting done & Veil Events seemed to be the right fit. I met with Lindsey & she gave me an overview of what a Day of Coordinator does & I wrote a check then & there. It was the best money I could have ever spent to have a worry free wedding day.  I went to the Veil Events Bridal Fair, which was a great way to meet different vendors & get ideas for my wedding day. The cake tasting was my favorite part! Closer to the wedding day Lindsay & Christie met with me a couple of times to make sure I was getting everything I needed done, knew what I wanted for decor, & anything they could assist with. On the day of, Christie was truly my rock who kept the whole day running flawlessly. I couldn’t imagine my wedding day without the support of Veil Events.
Christie worked her little tail off to make sure I didn’t worry about a thing. She met with me prior to the wedding to make sure I had everything in line.  She helped decorate the night before & morning of. She ran the rehearsal & made sure the wedding party knew what they were doing prior to the wedding. She was the contact person for the vendors, so I didn’t have to even think if they were even there. She made sure the day stayed on schedule & kept the wedding party where they were supposed to be. She got me anything I needed from a cup of water, a champagne bottle, to holding my train when we were taking pictures so I wouldn’t get it super dirty before I walked down the isle. She is the reason I didn’t have a single stress the day of my wedding & I got to just party with my friends & family!
The Wedding Planning Guide was GOLD!!! It had every possible to do check list which kept me organized while planning. I am a bit of a procrastinator, so it was nice to have a timeline of when to get things done. I put in all of my vendors & bridal party contact information which was super easy to refer to. In addition to having the guide, Lindsey would check in on me to make sure I was getting everything done & if she could be of any assistance to me with the planning process.” – Mrs. Lisa Schwarz Dinkel {Bride Wedding Date 9.14.2019} – Willows Bend Carbondale, KS 

Christie Explained The Benefits of First Look to My Stubborn Groom!

“Veil Events events helped from the first meeting. I was nervous about the wedding timeline and how to have the day go smoothly. Lindsay was as excited about our wedding as we were. She understood our vision, listened to us and made us feel like the most important couple. Lindsay explained the basic timeline and how to make the day perfect for us. She was able to explain the benefits of a first look to my stubborn groom and change his mind. This allowed us more time together on the day of the wedding.
Lindsay was always available for any questions I had as I was planning. Christie and Lindsay went to the vendor and caterer appointments with us. This allowed us all to be on the same page and I was relieved that they knew our vendors and trusted that they could work together to make our day perfect.

Christie is calm and professional. She was always in the background, taking care of me and the day. I don’t know what I would have done without Christie. I loved trusting that she was taking care of the little details and keeping the wedding moving so we could get to the party!

Christie really matched well with us and our bridal party. I’ve already recommended you and Christie to two friends with daughters getting married.

I also really liked the Wedding Planning Guide. It helped me think through the day and the details. The guide kept me on track and allowed me one place to keep track of vendors and details for the wedding.” – Mrs. Jana Tuttle Westhoff  {Bride Wedding Date 8.31.2019} – Maceli’s Banquet Hall | Lawrence, Ks