“Where do I even begin?! Lindsay and her team are worth their weight in gold. Lindsay was our lead planner and she made us feel supported, organized, and special from the very beginning. Lindsay took her time with us (me, my husband, and my parents). We would meet every month to perfect the wedding day schedule and other details. We went into wedding week and the wedding itself feeling confident and calm that the day would be everything we imagined, without the stress or hassle of doing it without Lindsay and her team. Lindsay is detail-oriented, confident, a great listener, and treats her clients with the utmost respect. She was always willing to go the extra mile when coordinating with our other vendors and our venue during the planning process.

On our wedding day, Lindsay was the glue holding everything together. She kept the wedding party in line and on time, and kept me calm. She was somehow everywhere at once, and fully present with whoever she was with. Her team worked MAGIC at our venue while we had our ceremony at the church and pictures taken off-site. Which leads me to Kendra, our assistant planner. Kendra was amazing. I can’t even remember how many times (and how many bobby pins) Kendra took to retouch my hair before the reception. She was there to help me use the bathroom with another bridesmaid when the rest of my crew had suddenly vanished to cocktail hour (as expected!). She was the one leading the way at our venue and it was decorated beautifully without a flaw in sight.

The entire reception ran so smoothly, all thanks to Lindsay and Kendra. They kept us on time, and left us with plenty of time to dance and enjoy ourselves. At the end of the night, we had Veil Events closing crew help to tear down the venue. They were again kind, detail-oriented, and efficient. When we got to our hotel room, Veil Events and Lindsay had left us with a sweet note and some surprises.

I am actually tearing up writing this. Planning a wedding is overwhelming and so stressful. The second we hired Lindsay, I knew I could manage the process because she was so supportive. She even respected my month-off of wedding planning when I had to study for and take the bar exam (you know, only two months before our wedding! Yikes!). If you are considering hiring a wedding planner (which you definitely should – it makes the biggest difference), please please please do yourself a favor and hire Lindsay and her team! I will forever sing their praises!!! THANK YOU LINDSAY AND KENDRA!!!”


-The Grand Hall, KCMO

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Mrs. Alex Thill | 9.24.2022Lindsay was the glue holding everything together!

Shout out and a big thank you to Veil Events for EVERYTHING that they did to make our day just perfect. There was so much that they did to make the day run smoothly and make sure that all of the personal touches we wanted were there. We even noticed the personal touches that they put on the day – like bringing a metal bucket for the poppers for our exit – something we didn’t think of. So many times someone made the comment we need to do x, y, or z, and someone would remind us that Kaylie was on it. And on it she and Jaclyn were. From finding diaper bags and diamonds and cleaning wax off of the groom’s suit, they fixed all the “problems.” I appreciate all the work they did to work with each of our vendors; even when it wasn’t easy, like fighting the good fight to get us some cookie sandwiches. It was a smooth transition from Lindsay to Kaylie when our date changed, and they didn’t miss a beat. We wanted our day to be fun, stress-free, and for everyone to leave feeling loved and cared for. I got a message from a guest that her son had said that his cup was filled from the day and hers was too. They were an integral part of making that happen, and filling our cups that day (literally – thank you Jaclyn – and figuratively). They listened to what was important to us, gave advice, but never pushed their agenda. Thank you, we appreciate it more than you know. While almost all our friends are married (as evidenced by all the children at our wedding), know that Veil Events – Lindsay, Kaylie, and Jaclyn – will always have a referral from us. We are big fans of you all and we are so grateful.


-The Venue in Leawood

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Mrs. Allison Young | 11.11.2022Veil Events will always have a referral from us!

“Veil Events was excellent to work with throughout the wedding planning process. I worked directly with Lindsay under the Wedding Management package. Our day would not have run as smoothly as it did without the assistance of Lindsay and her entire team. From creating a timeline to tracking budgets to our decor list…everything was accounted for. We had the most stress free wedding experience possible, thanks to Veil Events!”


-Townsite Tower, Topeka

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Mrs. Savannah Moore | 12.3.2022We had the most stress free wedding experience possible!

“Lindsay and Nicole deserve 10 stars for the work they did for our wedding this past weekend! We worked with Lindsay to plan every detail of our wedding day and the whole day was pretty darn close to perfect!! I got so many compliments saying how smoothly the day ran and it’s all thanks to the work Lindsay put into re-working our timeline to be just right!! Lindsay helped keep everyone calm and also ran out to grab the wedding party food when there was a miscommunication for who was supposed to pick it up. Lindsay and Nicole brought my husband and I drinks and water on the dance floor so we never had to leave it and helped all our ideas and dreams come true. My whole family loved the Veil events team and I cannot recommend them enough to all our family, friends, and fellow KC brides!!!”

-The Abbott, KCMO

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Mrs. Evie Porsch | 11.5.2022Lindsay and Nicole deserve 10 stars!

“Lindsay was actually the very first person I hired, and good lord, I could’ve never predicted the pandemic that would follow and how thankful I’d be to have her throughout this journey. Planning a normal wedding is one thing, planning a wedding during a pandemic is another thing. Needless to say, she was worth every penny I spent and I’m convinced this wedding wouldn’t have happened without her. I’m an OCD planner by nature, but when it came down to wedding day/month, I know myself and I knew I was going to need help. There is no way I could’ve planned a wedding of this size on my own, and I’m so glad I didn’t even attempt. It would’ve been a nightmare and it truly would’ve ruined the planning process for me. Lindsey saved me so many times, in so many different ways. She made my wedding planning process so seamless from the very start. She kept me in line, she kept me on a timeline, and was so helpful when it came to vendors/contacts/etc. She is the best of the best and I wouldn’t think twice about booking her again! If there’s one thing I could recommend to you: HIRE A PLANNER, even if you don’t think you’ll need one!”

– The Bardot, KCMO

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Mrs. Aubrey Schoenekase | 7.10.2021HIRE A PLANNER, even if you don’t think you’ll need one!

“I was really, REALLY happy with my experience using Veil Events! Sydney was amazing to work with! She was very professional, and it felt like she has been planning weddings her whole life. She was able to put together our wedding timeline with ease. Sydney and her assistant, Taylor, made our wedding day stress free and fun! They had such a positive energy and were always there to help me! I highly recommend using Veil Events!”

– The Jayhawk Club, Lawrence

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Mrs. Jenny Corley | 6.18.2022They made our wedding day stress free and fun!

“There’s nowhere else to go but veil events. I tried going the longest time without a wedding planner, but I wanted to enjoy my day and not be worried about everyone else being on time. BEST DECISION I EVER MADE!! I worked with Kaylie and she was suuuuch a joy. She was wonderful to work with and was beyond helpful. Unfortunately she got sick the Friday before the wedding, but they sent another team. They did such a great job for the situation they were put in. They kept everything flowing and helped tremendously. I cannot thank veil events enough!!! HIRE THEM! Worth every single penny.”

– Abe & Jakes, Lawrence

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Mrs. Kelsey Newman | 5.21.2022HIRE THEM! Worth every single penny!

“Veil Events made all my wedding dreams come true and soooo much more. If you are looking for a chill group of gals that really know how to plan a wedding THIS IS YOUR GROUP!!! XOXO”

– Abe & Jakes, Lawrence

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Mrs. Allie Flory | 3.5.2022Veil Events made all my wedding dreams come true

“Veil Events was such a dream to work with! After meeting Lindsay in a chance encounter at work and attending the Veil Events Bridal show in June 2021, I couldn’t be more excited to book the Month Of Coordination Package for our upcoming Spring 2022 wedding. Early on, Lindsay helped create our timeline and introduced us to the My Wedding Planner Google Doc Spreadsheet, a tool that was so helpful to have on hand when communicating with vendors. With this meeting and every meeting thereafter, it truly felt like talking with a friend. Her genuine enthusiasm and willingness to entertain any and all of our questions was so greatly appreciated. On the day of, we were looking forward to working with Elisabeth and meeting our second coordinator. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot of the venue, we received the best surprise when Lindsay met us at our vehicle and let us know she would be apart of the whole day. Lindsay and Elisabeth were such a fun team to work with. Together they did a fantastic job keeping our timeline in check and we were so impressed by their attention to detail. We were so impressed by their collaboration and communication with the venue coordinator and other vendors to bring my decor and table design to life in such a beautiful way. I can’t tell you how much we appreciated every part of the process! From figuring out my complicated bustle, to managing a miscommunication situation with our final exit photo opportunity, Lindsay and Elisabeth truly advocated for our best day with professionalism and positive attitudes. So much credit is owed to Lindsay and Elisabeth for making this process so enjoyable and for making our perfect day come to life. This service is truly worth every penny.”

– The Brownstone, Topeka

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Mrs. Katie Hogue | 3.26.2022This service is truly worth every penny!

“Lindsay was my original planner, but Kendra took over for her halfway through planning. Kendra was an absolute life savor throughout my wedding day. She always made sure I was looking my best, touching up my lipgloss or making sure I change into comfy shoes as soon as our first dance was over. She made sure I always had a drink in my hand! We had a little hiccup when the food was delayed and no one even noticed because on the fly, Kendra switched a few events up having us cut the cake during that lull and the night flowed effortlessly. The clean up crew also did a fantastic job, nothing was forgotten and I didn’t even pay attention to how it got where it needed to go. I was truly treated like Royalty!! My other vendors said this was one of the most organized weddings they have been to, the timeline we created was very easy to stick to, with some cushion room for if anything ran late. I highly recommend you to have Veil Events as your planner!!”

– Loews Hotel, KCMO

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Mrs. Victoria Emmons | 5.14.2022I was truly treated like Royalty!