“Lindsay and her Veil Events team were absolutely incredible to work with! To start Lindsay has such a fun, friendly personality which made her so easy to work with. From the initial meeting a few months after we got engaged, until the night of the wedding, they made this experience for us so stress free. Going into the day, I felt so relaxed and prepared because of how organized these ladies were. They thought of things and gave their advice on aspects of wedding planning that I didn’t even realize was a decision I would have to make. From our itinerary, to coordinating with vendors, the morning of I didn’t get a single phone call and was able to relax with my bridesmaids. They were so accommodating and flexible when it came to meeting with us, as we’re located in KC, and always had an agenda ready for us to get through. Their organization was amazing- my husband even commented on it after our first meeting, saying, “wow, I don’t feel like I have anything to worry about- she literally thought of everything!” Another thing that impressed us about Veil Events was their professionalism when it came to discussing potentially difficult topics or wedding party members. They were very matter of fact, and happy to give extra instructions to certain people, or keep certain people away from other people, and gave reassurance that we wouldn’t even notice it when the day came- and they were absolutely right! Veil Events exceeded our expectations from day 1, and finished it off with decorating our suite the night after our reception with rose petals, and they had stocked our fridge with leftovers from the food and cake at the reception! It was perfect and something we never even thought of! I would highly recommend Veil Events to any bride in the area looking for the hands-down best, most stress free wedding planning experience.”

 – Mrs. Mel Walker {Bride Wedding Date 12.4.2018} – The Westin, KCMO