Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the difference between the Month-of Coordination and the Management Package?

The most significant difference between these two packages is the time we spend with you at your vendor meetings. Our Management Package includes us attending the final meetings with Photographer, Videographer, DJ, Florist, Venue, and Caterer. We usually have 3 Veil Coordinators on site on wedding day if needed.


Can I get my deposit back if we end up canceling our wedding?

Our deposits are non refundable because most of the work we do with our brides and grooms is before wedding day.


Do you set up our wedding decor?

Yes we do! We will set up anything that you bring and also manage the other vendors setup and assist them as needed.


Do you teardown our wedding decor?

We have an additional package you can add for our teardown crew to come out at the end of the night and pack up your items. We will load up someone’s car with these items. We do not take these items home with us.


How many hours are you on site on wedding day?

We don’t have set hours because every wedding is different. Most of the time we arrive about 1 hour before the bride gets dressed. (Usualy around 10-11am) Then we leave once the DJ takes over and it’s just party time! This is after dinner, cake cutting, first dances etc. (Usually around 9-10pm). If you add on teardown, your teardown crew will arrive when your lead wedding coordinator leaves.


How many coordinators will be at my wedding?

Always 2! Your lead wedding coordinator and their assistant. If you add on our teardown package, two more coordinators will arrive to help with this.


How do we get you all our wedding info?

Once our couples get signed up, you’ll be added to a google doc spreadsheet where we keep all your wedding details. You can access this document at any time. It’s a great tool to use while planning, it will hold your timeline, vendor list, decor, guest list, budget tracker, seating chart, photo list, music list and so much more!


Do you have a preferred vendor list?

Yes! On your My Wedding Planner spreadsheet you’ll receive a list of all our favorite vendors!


When do you talk to our vendors?

We talk to all your vendors 6-3 months before wedding day with our management package. We are always involved with making sure they have the info they need and helping you with your follow-up meetings. With our Month-of-Coordination package, we talk to your vendors the week before the wedding to ensure they have the final timeline and answer any last minute questions.


How do you choose which coordinator works with which bride?

I first look at the location because we have coordinators that live in Kansas City, Lawrence, Topeka, and Manhattan Ks. Then I make sure the coordinator has your date open. Some coordinators take about 7 weddings a year and some take about 20 a year. I will usually assign the coordinator who has previously worked at the venue. All our lead coordinators are excellent, so you can’t go wrong with this great group!


What if my coordinator can’t work my wedding day?

Yes this is stressful to think about, but life happens! Especially when we are usually booking weddings a full year out. I’m so thankful we have a great team!! If we have a coordinator that for some reason can’t work your wedding we have BACK UP! We never over book our weekends. This is huge and I can’t believe I used to run this compnay all by myself.


Do you charge extra for credit card fees?

No, we do not charge extra for credit card fees.


How long have you been planning weddings?

I (Lindsay Kooser Owner of Veil Events) have been planning weddings since 2011. In 2019 I launched Veil Events and created a training program for my team to learn the skills required to be a wedding planner. Some coordinators joined in 2019, some owned their own planning companies beforehand, and some joined in the last year or two.


How many weddings have you planned?

I WISH I knew this number, but I definitely stopped counting 10 years ago. Each of our coordinators have a different amount of weddings they have worked, but all our coordinators are Veil Events trained and ready to take on your wedding! Each lead wedding coordinator was an assistant for at least 1-2 years before taking on their own clients.


What part of weddings do you specialize in?

Suppose you’re looking for a wedding planner to ensure you have the most beautiful and uniquely designed napkin fold, a tablescape ready for a 5-course meal, or the most extensive ice sculpture you’ve ever seen. In that case, we probably are not the planners you’re looking for. We are here to give you design advice (Management Package), but our main goal is to ensure you have a stress-free and smooth wedding day. We specialize in our minute-by-minute designed timelines and attention to detail on your big day!! We want to ensure your vision comes to life with no stress for you, your family, bridal party, and vendors!


How do you take on so many weddings a year? 

We have a team of 22 people, so I’m not taking every wedding. We keep a detailed spreadsheet with each couple’s wedding info that keeps us organized. We provide a checklist of what we will go over at each meeting. That way, nothing gets forgotten or missed!


How many weddings do you take in a weekend?

Our max number is five weddings a weekend. One coordinator is assigned to 1 wedding per weekend.