Welcome, and congratulations on getting engaged! Being engaged is such a special time of your life, but we know that it can be stressful too.

Our goal is to help as many brides as we can have a smooth and stress-free wedding day no matter how big or small your special day is! A calm and organized wedding starts with the time spent planning. We wish we could help every single bride and groom plan their wedding, but we know that is impossible, so we’ve created the My Wedding Planner!

The My Wedding Planner program is an online virtual wedding planning course to help educate and guide you during your engagement. It’s basically like having your own wedding consultant!


What is the My Wedding Planner program?

This program is the next best thing to having hired a Veil Events Wedding Coordinator and is exactly what you’ve been looking for to help you plan your special day. If you don’t have the budget to hire a wedding planner or coordinator, we give you all the steps to plan your wedding. Even if you have already hired extra help for your big day, this information is perfect to pass on to your Day-of Coordinator. She will forever thank you!! (Our own Veil Events Brides receive this program with all our packages.)


Who is the My Wedding Planner program for?

This program is perfect for anyone who is planning a wedding big or small, and anyone interested in the wedding industry. 


What is the My Wedding Planner Booklet?

Brides and Planners, this program includes this 52-page booklet, perfect for you to use during your wedding planning process! Keep track of your wedding party and vendors, develop a timeline, and so much more. Our month-to-month To Do and Checklists are a hit with our Brides, and help them stay organized while planning their special day! The” My Wedding Planner” program pairs this booklet with our Online Consulting Videos to help you plan a stress-free wedding in no time. 


What is the My Wedding Planner Spreadsheet?

You’ll receive spreadsheet access when you get your My Wedding Planner in the mail. The access information is located on the back of the belly band. Use the link and password provided to download your 16-page spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is full of to-do lists, check list, budget sheets, timeline sheets, wedding party sheets, vendor sheets and so much more! Share this sheet with your planner, venue coordinator, photographer, bridal party and anyone else who needs to access your wedding information. Keep everything in one spot with your My Wedding Planner Spreadsheet. 


What will you receive with your purchase? 

1️⃣  Your My Wedding Planner 52-page Booklet in the mail.

2️⃣  Access (on the back of the belly band) to download the My Wedding Planner 16-page spreadsheet. 

3️⃣  Access to our 13 Video My Wedding Planning wedding course training series.