Stayed on top of everything!

“I truly don’t even know where to begin. We decided to hire Veil Events right before we found out that our original venue was being sold & was no longer guaranteed to us. SO, the good lord blessed us with Paige C at the most perfect time! She immediately stepped in and asked if there was anything we needed, and she even recommended a ton of caterers after our original pulled out (domino effect)! We got the wedding planning guide almost immediately so we were able to dive right in! I would tell any bride I know to try to snag Paige for their wedding! She was so on top of everything and thought of things I never would’ve, which was incredibly helpful. She ALSO had to console me through the weather not going according to plan & having to move our ceremony indoors. I’m so thankful she was there to help and get the room re-configured for an indoor wedding!! She was so professional and sweet, I truly cannot say enough good things. I’m sure all of the coordinators at Veil Events are fantastic but I’m so glad we got to work with Paige! The wedding planning guide was helpful! I really just stuck to the online spreadsheet because that was easier to work with since I could just delete cells instead of having eraser marks everywhere. It was great because it made me think of things I otherwise may not have until the day of, and that wouldn’t have gone well. The budget tab was so incredibly helpful to have as far as keeping track of our spending and knowing due dates/remaining balances due. The vendor contacts tab was also super helpful for looking up emails or phone numbers really quick! I would absolutely recommend to any other bride that’s trying to stay organized & stay on top of everything!! It’s so handy for having all information in a central place. As far as referred vendors, I don’t think we really dealt with much of that. Since we had already gone through one venue and caterer, we were already pretty far into wedding planning with vendors booked. I am confident that anyone Veil Events would recommend is fantastic at their job! Everything Paige and Lindsay did for us was above and beyond. We could not be more appreciative! I somehow left my veil at our getting ready location and Paige’s assistant had to run and grab it for us so that we could get the ceremony started. If they hadn’t been there, I think I would have had a full blown meltdown. Lol. I think there were probably other things that didn’t go to plan but because of Paige and her assistant being there, I NEVER heard about them. The day was stress-free for us and that was all thanks to Veil Events. We could not be happier about our decision to hire a coordinator!!”

Kylie E – 10/1/2021

Since she spend time getting to know me, she handled any question!

“I hired Veil Events for my wedding at the beginning of the pandemic and was so very thankful that I did. Though I had more time on my hands to plan, I had never done something like this before and needed all the help I could get. Abby was super responsive through out the time of planning, and I felt like she worked hard to understand my vision, gave me great suggestions to make it work, and good recommendations (without forcing her ideas on me). I am so very glad I hired a planner, and even more happy it was Veil Events. They are a small enough company that you wont get lost- but big enough to have great resources (like the Wedding Planning Guide- this was HUGE for tracking all the little things I never would have thought of!) The day of the wedding Abby and Paige (and Lindsey) were professional, fun, and made sure I had nothing to worry about. I tend to be someone that stresses out, and I had told Abby that when it came to that day- I didn’t want to think or make decisions. Since she spend time getting to know me, she handled any questions that came her way- including a family member who was difficult- with grace and professionalism. Thank you Veil Events for helping us throw an awesome Wedding, and party!”

Carolyn B – 7/1/2021


Having a wedding planner is the best money I spent on my wedding

“I worked with Christie and she was so helpful! I could not have gotten through the day without someone to rely on to execute my needs. She did everything I needed, met the vendors, set out the food, cleaned my dress of makeup stains, had a toothbrush after I forgot, helped my groom with his tux, made sure the kids came out with their bubble cameras at the end of the night, and even put out a fire! Having a wedding planner is the best money I spent on my wedding!”

Lynn S – 10/1/2021

On a scale of 10 they get a 100!

“Paige and her day of helper Jaclyn absolutely killed it! They truly made our day so special and relaxing. When we hired Veil Events and met Paige we knew instantly that we were going to survive the last few months of planning because we could 100% trust Paige was going to execute everything perfectly. She provided great recommendations and listened when something was important to us. I personally felt like Paige was a friend I could lean on all day. Reed and I would highly encourage anyone to hire Veil Events for their wedding coordination needs. On a scale of 10 they get a 100! THANK YOU!”

Emily C – 11/22/21



HIRE A PLANNER, even if you don’t think you’ll need one!

“Lindsay was actually the very first person I hired, and good lord, I could’ve never predicted the pandemic that would follow and how thankful I’d be to have her throughout this journey. Planning a normal wedding is one thing, planning a wedding during a pandemic is another thing. Needless to say, she was worth every penny I spent and I’m convinced this wedding wouldn’t have happened without her. I’m an OCD planner by nature, but when it came down to wedding day/month, I know myself and I knew I was going to need help. There is no way I could’ve planned a wedding of this size on my own, and I’m so glad I didn’t even attempt. It would’ve been a nightmare and it truly would’ve ruined the planning process for me. Lindsey saved me so many times, in so many different ways. She made my wedding planning process so seamless from the very start. She kept me in line, she kept me on a timeline, and was so helpful when it came to vendors/contacts/etc. She is the best of the best and I wouldn’t think twice about booking her again! If there’s one thing I could recommend to you: HIRE A PLANNER, even if you don’t think you’ll need one!”

Aubrey S (Kale Kouture



She did everything she could do to make sure I wasn’t stressed.

“Kaylie and the entire Veil Events team are another level of amazing! We found Veil Events in a very unconventional way. We had previously hired a different wedding coordinator who my mom had worked with previously and won a discount on her services from a Facebook competition. The first coordinator became pregnant (which we were so excited about!!), but unfortunately her due date was our wedding day and she wanted to make sure we would have a coordinator. Enter Veil Events! They were gracious enough to take on coordinating our wedding AND they honored the discounted price that we were going to pay our previous coordinator! From the moment I met her, Kaylie was phenomenal: so welcoming, so accommodating, listened to my ideas, and eased any concern I had throughout the process. She made the day of our wedding seamless! She did everything she could do to make sure I wasn’t stressed. She’s wonderful in every way! Thank you Kaylie and Veil Events!”

Brenna B – 8/6/2021


Worth. Every. Penny.

“Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value We hired Veil Events for month-of-coordination. In addition to helping us stay on track, giving great advice and ideas, and making the wedding planning process fun, Paige and the Veil team is the reason my wedding day was 0% stress and 100% joy. We had (very organized) friends get married without any help a month before us and they were so stressed working on timelines and details for the last month. In contrast, because I’d had clear and prompt communication leading up to the month of our wedding and knew exactly what to expect, I spent the last two weeks calm and collected knowing that I was in experienced, professional, kind hands. A great example of this is our ceremony was outside (my worst nightmare) but because of Paige’s multiple backup plans I felt confident that no matter the weather I was going to have a wonderful wedding day. And I did! Paige and the Veil team’s professionalism was also evident in their interactions with other vendors. No DJ yet? They got this. Lost flowers? They got this. It was so nice to know they had everything under control no matter what was thrown at them. My only regret is not hiring Veil for full wedding planning and turning over more to them as I think it would have made being engaged more fun. Throughout my wedding day, Paige and the Veil team made sure I had nothing to worry about and that I was getting everything I wanted out of my day. Worth. Every. Penny.”

Corinna B – 10/22/2021



Recommend every bride hires a day-of-coordinator!

“Paige with Veil Events was absolutely AMAZING! I am so happy and thankful I hired a day-of-coordinator. I planned the majority of my wedding but started to get stressed and nervous about how I was going to pull all of the small details together the day of the wedding. As soon as I hired Paige with Veil Events, I immediately felt at ease. We had many meetings where we went over the Wedding Planning Guide provided by Veil Events and Paige helped create a timeline for the day of the wedding. I am usually the type of person who gets worked up and anxious about things going the way I planned, however, I was amazed by how relaxed I was the day of the wedding. I owe this all to Paige. She took care of everything including coordinating vendor arrivals/setup. She even had a handy emergency wedding kit that became very useful! I can’t say enough good things about Paige and recommend every bride hires a day-of-coordinator to help them make the most out of their special day!”

Caitlin B – 12/10/2021




Enhance their wedding experience!

“If you want a low stress wedding experience, leave it to Veil Events! My day of coordinator, Paige C., handled everything I needed AND MORE!! I would recommend Veil Events over and over again to any bridal or couple looking to enhance their wedding experience!”

Peyton B – 11/19/2021



If you’re on the fence about hiring a coordinator, DO IT.

“Wow! I cannot imagine our wedding/planning process without Lindsay and her team. Between the multiple meetings via FaceTime/Zoom, and countless email/text exchanges, Lindsay was ALWAYS available to answer my (probably too many) questions, and help me out as I was planning the wedding. During the planning process, Lindsay offered practical and experienced advice, while listening to what was most important to my husband and I. It truly meant so much to have someone who cared about my vision for the big day, just as much as me!!! On the big day, Lindsay went above and beyond any expectations I had. She was there helping my bridesmaids, answering questions, coordinating vendors, and doing everything (AND MORE!) I needed. I showed up to the venue and it was EXACTLY how I imagined it – and it was all thanks to her. We were supposed to have an outdoor ceremony, and when it unexpectedly started drizzling, Lindsay and her team managed to coordinate bringing the entire ceremony inside (including moving decor, people, chairs, etc) in a matter of like 25 minutes. It was incredible. If you’re on the fence about hiring a coordinator, DO IT. And hire Lindsay. She really is amazing!!!”

Sarah K – 11/12/2021

It was the best decision we made.

“Lindsay was a dream to work with! She made the entire wedding planning process easy and stress free. Her support, kindness, and attention to detail were above and beyond. Our wedding day was absolutely perfect and I credit Lindsay for this! The day was more beautiful than I could have imagined and everything went so smoothly–all thanks to Lindsay and Veil Events. I highly recommend anyone who is getting married to call Veil Events for help. You will not regret it!! It was the best decision we made.”

Mary Kate B – 10/1/2021

Highly recommend!

“Jaclyn from Veil Events was amazing! She made it possible for myself, the groom, bridal party, and family to fully enjoy our wedding day while she handled coordination of vendors, timelines, and all the details and moving pieces associated with our wedding. Highly recommend!”

Chloe S – 10/15/2021


Relaxed during our wedding day!

“We used Veil Events to help us with our wedding for day of coordination. Christie helped us with our wedding on September 25, 2021. She was so quick to respond to every question we had. She listened to everything we wanted and executed perfectly! It made it so easy to be relaxed during our wedding day because we knew Christie was taking care of everything! I hightly recommend using Veil Events!!”

Campbell D – 9/24/2021

Hiring a life long bestie!

“Hiring a life long bestie to be my wedding planner was no mistake!!! Kaylie was the absolute best and she kept me on track and helped me think of all of the million and one things you don’t even think about when planning a wedding. She was so professional, fun and brought so much joy to both my ceremony and reception!!! I highly recommend her and Veil events!”

Ashley F – 2/19/2021

We couldn’t have done it without them!

“We were so happy we hired Veil Events. They made the planning process stress-free and easy. The day of coordinators made everything look beautiful by helping decorate and the clean up crew cleaned everything at the end of the night!! We couldn’t have done it without them! I highly recommend Veil Events!!!”

Madison S – 8/20/21



I couldn’t have done it without them!

“We hired Veil Events for day of coordination and clean up for our wedding. Paige A. was our coordinator. I cannot imagine my wedding day without her! She helped me stay on track with the timeline throughout the wedding planning process. She communicated with all my vendors to ensure they were on time, and suggested vendors when I didn’t know who to use. Paige communicated with the vendors about where they were supposed to be and when they were supposed to be there. She was there the day of to make sure everyone stayed on schedule/everything went smoothly. She set up, and perfectly executed my vision for the reception hall. She was there as emotional support if I needed anything. If you want a beautiful and STRESS-FREE day, hire Veil Events. I had my dream wedding and I couldn’t have done it without them!”

Emily F – 9/17/2021



Veil Events team is on another level of amazing!

“Kaylie and the entire Veil Events team are another level of amazing! We found Veil Events in a very unconventional way. We had previously hired a different wedding coordinator who my mom had worked with previously and won a discount on her services from a Facebook competition. The first coordinator became pregnant (which we were so excited about!!), but unfortunately her due date was our wedding day and she wanted to make sure we would have a coordinator. Enter Veil Events! They were gracious enough to take on coordinating our wedding AND they honored the discounted price that we were going to pay our previous coordinator! From the moment I met her, Kaylie was phenomenal: so welcoming, so accommodating, listened to my ideas, and eased any concern I had throughout the process. She made the day of our wedding seamless! She did everything she could do to make sure I wasn’t stressed. She’s wonderful in every way! Thank you Kaylie and Veil Events!”

Brenna B – 8/6/2021


Thankful we reached out to Veil Events

“Kaylie was AMAZING to work with!! She not only made our day stress-free, but she made sure everything was lined up and ready to go! She is very professional and so easy to get along with. I am so thankful we reached out to Veil Events for our wedding coordination. It was so worth it!!!”

Rachel O – 9/3/2021



I could enjoy the day with my loved ones!

“I was one of those people who didn’t think I needed a coordinator because I’m typically a very organized person. I was so, so wrong about that and I’m so glad I hired Veil Events! Lindsay saved my sanity on my wedding day and so many times throughout the day I thought to myself “holy cow, without Lindsay that would have been such a disaster”. Without her, I’m pretty sure I would’ve lost the marriage certificate, half of the decor wouldn’t have been set up, tips wouldn’t have bene handed out to vendors, and we certainly wouldn’t have been on time. There are so many moving parts on the wedding day and she helped coordinate all of them so that I could just sit and enjoy the day with my loved ones. I also wouldn’t have eaten a piece of my wedding cake, which she thoughtfully boxed up and had waiting for us in our hotel room. She also has an awesome personality that is so fun to have around during the wedding day.”

Irene P – 8/27/2021



Veil events was absolutely, 1000% amazing!!

“Veil events was absolutely, 1000% amazing!! They helped me organize my vendors, provided suggestions to help make my day special, answered all of my questions, created timelines and contact sheets for me. They most importantly helped me think through things that I would have never thought of, and they made the day of go smoothly. If you get Abby and Paige, count yourself lucky! They were so kind, bubbly, and on top of it all. Veil Events went above and beyond to help me reschedule my wedding due to covid. We also had last minute mask regulations we had to work through. They were there for all of my questions and with suggestions and advice. I could not recommend Veil Events more!!”

Lauren D – 8/5/2021



Went above and beyond for us!

“Veil events is amazing! My now husband and I did all of planning for our wedding ourselves. However, as we got closer to the wedding date, we realized that we would need help with organizing our vendors and decorating our venue the day of our wedding. We didn’t want to ask our friends and family to “work” on our wedding day. Luckily, Veil Events came to the rescue! We decided to hire Veil Events to help with the set up for our wedding day. We worked with Lindsay E. and she was amazing! We met with her multiple times about six weeks before the wedding. She contacted our vendors and confirmed all of the details with them for us two weeks before the wedding. Our venue was beautifully decorated the day of the wedding. She even stayed after her contracted hours to help organize my wedding party and get us down the aisle! We originally were supposed to have her for only four hours but I feel like we had her all day! She truly went above and beyond for us to help ensure that our wedding day was the best day of our lives. I couldn’t recommend this company enough! Even though my husband and I had all of our ducks in a row and planned everything, we truly needed someone to be there for us to make sure everything ran smoothly on our actual wedding day. We were much less stressed out thanks to Veil events!”

Samantha C – 6/18/2021



Do NOT do it alone – Hire Veil! 

“Do not do it alone – hire Veil! Our wedding was at our property therefore we had to think about everything from the ceremony and reception setup location as well as bringing in restrooms and absolutely everything else we could possibly need. Paige C helped so much with designing the layout for tent setup including tables/chairs/decor before the wedding and then staying cool and calm the entire day of the wedding. Her assistant always had a smile on her face and helped me stay calm and feeling reassured that everything was under control. There was a cake incident on the way to the wedding and Paige handled it so well that I had no idea there was ever a problem until the next day. I can’t even imagine all of the other little things that Veil helped out with that I have no idea about and that is why you hire them!”

Amy J – 6/4/2021

We were able to focus on having fun! 

“Lindsay Eshelman was such a delight to work with! She was so helpful and made our special day flow without any hiccups:) Thank you for all your hard work! We were able to fully focus on having fun and enjoying our wedding!”

Brianna S – 8/5/2021

Veil Events was so reliable, supportive, and organized.

“Hiring Veil Events to help me plan my wedding was one of the best decisions I made throughout the process! As soon as I hired them, we immediately had a meeting to talk through what decisions had already been made and what we need to focus on next. I felt supported throughout the entire process, and it was so nice to have someone telling me what to prioritize and what order to do things in. It was also extremely helpful that Lindsay was able to narrow down searches for me. Instead of spending hours and hours looking up vendors, Lindsay would ask what I was looking for and narrow down the search for me which saved so much time. It was so helpful having Lindsay take over vendor contact as well. She would call/email vendors for me and handle most of that communication so I didn’t have to. Veil Events also provided me with an extremely organized online planning document that was so helpful. All of my information was housed in one place, and my planner was always able to see what I was adding into the document, as well as add their own information. When it came time to wedding week/wedding day, I was extremely calm and not stressed at all. Lindsay and her team took care of everything for me- if anything went wrong, I still don’t know about it to this day! Everything was perfect and I was able to sit back and enjoy my day because of the work they did. Veil Events was so reliable, supportive, and organized, and I couldn’t have planned my wedding without them!!”

Taylor R – 7/16/2021

Take the stress off of your family & friends

“Working with Veil Events was a breeze! I did the month-of coordination package, and the meetings leading up to my wedding were so helpful to keep me on track, and my coordinator, Paige, helped me think of things I’d never even considered before & answered all of our questions. I felt calm & prepared going into wedding day, because I knew Veil had us covered! On wedding day, Paige kept us on schedule so all my family and wedding party could just focus on having FUN! She did so much I couldn’t even list it all here, but some highlights- she thought of all the little things like keeping track of my special items I walked down the aisle with so they didn’t get lost, helped touch up my makeup when it started to settle, held my flowers when my arms were getting tired, and got our fancy champagne glasses washed in between our cocktail hour and cake cutting so we didn’t have to worry about it. She took my veil out of my hair for me when I was ready to get the dancing going, and even left us a sweet surprise in our room at the end of the night. I would totally recommend Veil events to all future brides, they make it so easy for you, and take the stress off of your family & friends so they can be in the moment with you and your partner. Thank you Veil, especially Paige!!”

Beth O – 5/7/2021

It was the best decision I made!

“I hired Veil Events to help us manage our wedding day and it was truly the best decision I made! I became very overwhelmed a few months before our day with schedules and timing and all of the day of details. Paige was our day of coordinator and we had multiple zoom calls before hand to go over everything. Veil Events has an amazing guide through Google Sheets that kept me organized and was always there for us to reference all of my details. Paige coordinated all of my vendors, attended my final planning meeting at my venue and was always available to help! Her wedding expertise is so valuable. The day of my wedding went amazing truly because of Paige. Anything that came up she quickly handled and kept the day so calm and fun. I truly can’t recommend hiring Veil Events enough, it was the best decision I made!”

Bailey W – 6/25/2021



Always have a solution when there was a hiccup!

“Lindsay is the most amazing wedding coordinator! She helped Sean and I so much on our big day as well as with the planning process. She made our day stress-free and always have a solution when there was a hiccup! Lindsay and her team are highly recommended!!”

Marina A – 6/11/2021



I would recommend Veil Events to anyone! 

“Veil Events went above and beyond for my wedding. From the pre-planning meetings to the day of, we loved every second working with them. Our number one worry was being stressed on wedding day. Thanks to Paige C. from Veil Events we were far from stressed and got to enjoy every second of our big day knowing things were taken care of! I would recommend Veil and Paige to anyone and everyone!”

Jordan W – 6/22/2021



You won’t regret it for a second

“Our day would not have been as enjoyable if it weren’t for Veil Events. Lindsay and her team helped me with everything from contacting vendors, to setting up and tearing down at the venue. She even helped sew a bridesmaid’s dress when it ripped down the front and tie all the groomsmen’s bowties. Every big thing down to every detail Veil Events was there. I was able to enjoy our day carefree and live in the moment knowing everything was going to run smoothly. I was on the fence about hiring a coordinator because I’m a pretty organized person, but ultimately things pop up that you never plan for and Lindsay was there to take care of it all. If you want to guarantee the most perfect day, hire Veil Events. You won’t regret it for a second!!!!”

Zaina M – 5/29/2021


My family and I are still talking about Veil Events

“I cannot say enough positive things about Veil Events to really drive home the point of how helpful, thorough and incredible this team is. Our coordinator was Jaclyn and I am now her number one fan! She was extremely organized and10 steps ahead of everything that would pop into my head. My family and I are still talking about her months later and how we truly don’t think the day would have been half as perfect without her. We feel so incredibly lucky that we found Veil Events, thank you again for everything!”

Jordan M &  – 4/8/2021 




I would hire her all over again.

“Veil Events was amazing and helpful from the very start. Within a few weeks of hiring veil events, I was assigned a wedding coordinator PAIGE AUTEN. We immediately started texting and was able to start sharing ideas with her. Although I hired her for month of coordinator, we still were able to call and text other and it was an easy way to exchange the smaller questions I had. The month before the wedding, two meetings with paige was enough because of how much we had communicated prior to the “month of”. Paige was through and had an answer for all of my questions. The day of my wedding came, and I truly never felt so calm. Paige had EVERYTHING in place. I asked several questions and she already had all of those things I needed. in place. The wedding day was smooth and perfect. Honestly nothing went wrong and everything went exactly as planned. In our honeymoon suite at the end of the night, we came to a room with a lovely card, rose petals and treats and food for a late night snack. She was so thoughtful in every single way, I would hire her all over again. If there was a way to leave more than 5 star, Veil events and Paige deserve it. They made my fairy tale wedding come true.”

Kaytlin U – 6/11/21


My wedding day was stress-free

“We hired Veil Events to help with month of and day of coordination. Lindsay E. was in contact with all my vendors leading up to the wedding day planning and organizing arrival times for all our vendors. She also, helped me stay on task and made sure I was getting things done on time. You won’t regret hiring them! I can’t imagine not having a wedding coordinator. My wedding day was stress free and fairly relaxing not having to worry about being in charge and delegating things that needed to be done. The wedding planning guide was very helpful! It helped me stay organized and was extremely useful. We loved the vendors that Veil Events recommended! Top City Entertainment, Molly Harmon Photography, and All Things Beautiful by Ashley were all amazing to work with! Highly recommend all of them!”

Morgan A – 6/10/2021



Veil Events is absolutely amazing!!

“Veil Events is absolutely amazing!! Their entire team is so impressive and I can’t say enough good things about them and what they do. 
When I hired Veil Events I was about a year and a half out from my wedding date. We had an initial meeting where they gave me the Wedding Planning Guide to fill in all of my details and help me through the vendor planning process. It helped me to be able to identify areas that I needed to look into more before I was ready for the wedding. I honestly don’t know how brides do it without a month of coordinator. By the time that the wedding details started getting pretty stressful it was time for Lindsay to step in and start helping me out with different tasks. She was SO organized, which I loved and multiple vendors commented on. Every part of the day was planned down to the minute and I felt so at ease going into my wedding week. The day of the wedding ran so smoothly and I know that it is all thanks to Veil Events. Even my husband made multiple comments about how excellent she was and he doesn’t typically notice things like that! When I thought that they couldn’t be any better, they always had another incredible detail planned that amazed me. If you are looking for someone to help you with your wedding, look no further than Veil Events. They are simply the best and such a huge part of what made my wedding day so perfect!


Shelby Spears & VJ Reynolds – 10.17.2020 – 2016 Main Event Space and Art Gallery, KCMO 

Lindsay and her team are absolutely amazing!

“Lindsay and her team are absolutely amazing! I booked Veil Events about a year before our wedding because I had no idea how I was supposed to plan a wedding. After every meeting I had with Lindsay, I left feeling completely relieved and my mind was at ease. She threw out so many different ideas and made my vision come to life. She had an answer for every single question I had. The wedding planning guide that she provides is amazing and so helpful. I don’t know how many times I referred to it. She made our wedding day go as smooth as possible and it was so organized! She helped with our timeline (which is where I was struggling), making sure our decorations looked perfect so I didn’t have to worry about that, made sure I ate my lunch and was there to get me more food/water during pictures, communicated with our other vendors, helped the guys get ready, etc. I didn’t have to worry about a thing. I could literally go on and on about how great she is. Hiring Lindsay for our wedding was truly the BEST decision we made. I couldn’t have done it without her. I would give 10 stars or more if I could! I would highly recommend Veil Events to newly engaged couples that need help planning their special day! You won’t be disappointed.


Jordan Devlin & Brandon Barnette – 10.10.2020 – The Brownstone, Topeka, KS 
(Photo Credit: Ken Doll Photography)

I couldn’t be more happy with Veil Events!

“I couldn’t be more happy with Veil Events! Christie was amazing. I started working with her in April after postponing our first date in June. Fast forward to July and having to postpone our large reception for a second time. She was so comforting and reassured me it would all work out regardless of the circumstance. It was fantastic day. Christie did not skip a beat when we had to find a new venue and scale everything back due to COVID. She handled everything on our day, managed every detail, all the while taking care of our wedding party at the same time. Thank you Christie! I couldn’t have done it without you! It was a perfect day! See you next year on our one year anniversary party!!


Michelle Herron & Nicholas Lysaught – 9.26.2020 – Strawberry Hill Museum, KCK

(Wedding Coordinator: Christie Pease)

(Photo Credit: K Bird Photography)
Thank you Veil Events for such a memorable experience

“Lindsay Kooser, owner/founder of Veil Events, went above and beyond expectations of what we were looking for with a Day of Coordinator. I am an Event Manager by profession so I could have pull everything together myself, but wanted to be able to be present in the day and not worry about anything. Lindsay & Kaylie did an impeccable job keeping everything in line, laughing with me, and transforming my vision into a reality. I could not be more grateful for the entire process- from receiving the Wedding Planning Guide to helping me decide between infinite options and helping me walk down the aisle. Despite the pandemic this year, my husband (that is crazy to say!) and I knew we were going to be married as planned and Lindsay was so supportive through the entire process. It was the perfect day and beyond our wildest dreams! Thank you Veil Events for such a memorable experience.


Casey Watson & Matt Miller – 9.26.2020 – The Fields at Eighteen Ninety, KCMO

(Wedding Coordinator: Lindsay Kooser, Kaylie Rogers)

(Photo Credit: Brooke Hill Photography)

I’m forever thankful for these girls and how much they made my day! They are the BEST!

“I knew from day 1 that I wanted Veil Events to be apart of my wedding day because they were apart of my best friends big day. & I saw how they went above AND beyond for her. Paige was there for me throughout my entire engagement and was always ready and willing to help. She even made sure I knew she was one text away if I needed her for absolutely anything- even the stress of the big day approaching. I highly recommend Veil Events – they will make the process smooth, organized and just plain LOVELY. The wedding planning guide was extremely helpful and sets them apart from other coordinators (although they were truly the only coordinator I was even considering). I used it up until my big day as it was an easy guide to refer back to and had everything I needed- from each vendor down to their phone numbers. We chose to add on the end of the night service and I mean to tell you Kaylie was an angel. She knew exactly what needed to be done and was SO helpful. This was an important service to add on and I don’t know how brides go without. I truly could cry writing this – I am forever thankful for these girls and how much they made my day! They are the BEST!


Miranda Gilmore & Sawyer Kollmorgen – 8.30.2020 – Hawthorne House, KCMO

(Wedding Coordinator: Paige Auten, Kaylie Rogers)

(Photo Credit: Elizabeth Ladean Photography)

I’m so happy I chose Veil Events for my wedding!

“I’m so happy I chose Veil Events for my wedding! Jaclyn was my coordinator and I could not have asked for a better coordinator! She went above and beyond on my wedding day to make sure everything went smoothly! She took on so many roles from helping with set up/decor, clean up, decorating my cake with flowers, time management/creating schedule, keeping the wedding party’s drinks full, having everything the bridal party needed while getting ready, etc. I could go on and on, but I’ll just say she was phenomenal! The unexpected details were not unnoticed by family, the wedding party, guests and myself – I got so many compliments about her! Lindsay was also a dream to work with! She helped me book everything and stayed involved in the whole process! The planning process was made so easy as I had multiple meetings with checkpoints along the way to make sure I was not forgetting anything! I would highly recommend Veil Events for any bride- you will not be disappointed!


Alexa Moberly & Mark Krause – 7.11.2020 – Hawthorne House, KCMO

(Wedding Coordinator: Jaclyn Lawson)

(Photo Credit: Alyssa Barletter Photography)

Thank you Veil Events Team!

“Veil Events was available, flexible and on-time throughout our planning months! They listened and carried out our wishes & expectations beautifully the day of!! They worked with our vendors and provided referrals to high quality vendors where we needed guidance. Several vendors commented, how they appreciated the communication. It made the day run smoothly!! Timeline management leading up to our big day as well as Day Of management was calm, complete and came together beautifully!! Nothing was missed or left out. I could have done many of these tasks myself, but not all at once! This choice to hire a coordinator was one of the best things we did. Lindsay, orchestrated the hours of our wedding day with an amazing professional and personal touch! I especially appreciated how attentive she was to me personally; popping in on me frequently to check in and let me know how set up was going. All the while keeping 10 things going at once while us girls enjoyed some pampering. Our venue said their clean up & checkout was superb. It was a relief to have Veil Events handle so many parts we needed to put in trustworthy hands. Thank you Veil Events Team!”


Stephanie Smith & Rick Setter – 9.5.2020 – Eagles Landing, Olathe, Ks

(Photo Credit: Whitney Revelle Photography)

I cannot thank Christie and Veil Events enough for making my day the BEST day!”

“When I first got engaged, I was fully ready to plan the wedding with just myself and my then fiancé (now husband!). But as the months started to creep on and the wedding date grew closer, I grew more and more stressed. I eventually found myself sitting on our living room floor with our two cats and had the moment when I asked myself, “Can I really do this by myself?” I just broke down into tears. Shawn (my husband) sat with me and asked me what did I need, and I told him that I couldn’t do this by myself. So, we decided that our best option was to look into a day of coordinator. And when we stumbled upon Veil Events, I was more than excited to get the process started! I originally met with Lindsay (the owner) and we sat and talked about what I wanted my wedding day to look like. I told her how I wanted to make it primarily about my family and friends who were going to be coming out from different parts of the country to attend. That this wedding was about two very, very different families coming together to make one giant family! She immediately told me that she was here and ready to help; and those were all the words I needed to hear.

And then COVID-19 happened, which really threw a wrench in our plans. There were many nights where Shawn and I wondered if we were ever going to have a wedding. And after months of wrestling with a decision, we finally decided to go ahead with the wedding.
Fast forward to September 5 — the day of my wedding went so smoothly and I have to give all the credit to our coordinator, Christie. She was so sweet and decisive that I had no stress the entire day! She made sure that vendors arrived on time, that hair and make-up was on schedule, and the people were exactly where they needed to be. She made me feel so at ease and I honestly could not have done this without her. Even when I had my first look with my dad, I cried little a baby and she was there with tissues. She held my bouquet when I was taking photos. She made sure that both Shawn and I were fed and hydrated. She was on top of everything and had everything down to a science! I cannot thank Christie and Veil Events enough for making my day the BEST day!”

Natalie Engler & Shawn Verratti – 9.5.2020 – The Brownstone, Topeka, Ks

(Photo Credit: Kristin Haverkamp Photography)

I found much more than a day-of-coordinator!

I was searching for a day-of-coordinator for my wedding. Blooms on Boswell mentioned Lindsay and Veil Events. I found much more than a day-of-coordinator! Right away, they sent me a spreadsheet to fill out. The process seemed overwhelming at first, but Paige guided me through what I needed to include. It was wonderful to have everything from the vendor’s information, photo list for the photographer to a detailed timeline all in one place. The organization made the day flow smoothly! If anything went wrong, I didn’t hear about it. I was able to enjoy the day without worry. I never once felt rushed. Above all else, Paige felt like an ally. When my vision was muddied by everyone else’s vision or expectations, Paige helped me realize what I wanted and she stuck to it!
If a friend of mine were to hire your coordinator from Veil Events. I say, “girl, you made the best decision of your life… next to marrying your love, of course.” The wedding guide made all the difference. The process was much more streamlined than other planning guides I looked at. It was okay that I didn’t have all the answers. Especially, as a Covid bride. I replanned my wedding 3 times! Despite the uncertainty and unknowns, the Planning Guide was my go-to document for organization and calming my anxiety. The guide also made communication between my coordinator, Paige, my mom and vendors much easier!
Veil Events referred to me was ACA Rental. Listen, ACA has THE most beautiful rentals. They have Farm tables, backdrops, linens you will actually want to look at, and chairs that you wouldn’t even think of covering. The planning for my wedding changed frequently. ACA was accommodating and prompt. Their prices might be a bit higher, but 100% worth if for quality items.
Due to Covid, we held our ceremony and reception in the middle of the woods… It was no small feat. We had to build a venue from the ground up. Paige visited the property and gave wonderful advice. Every detail was considered. Despite having multiple weddings to attend to, I felt like I was the only bride she was thinking about. Paige was available and willing to approach any challenge. That girl can think on her feet!

Natalie Oliver & Hunter Strathman – 9.5.2020 – Topeka, Ks

I wish I could give Veil Events 10 stars!

Lindsay from Veil Events is AMAZING! I can’t imagine the day without her help! All of her hard work made the day go so smoothly. Because of her, I was able to enjoy the day and I wasn’t stressed or worried at all! She thought of all the little details, took care of the other vendors, helped with set up, timeline and the list goes on! She even decorated the hotel that evening and made sure we had left over food and cake (which was such a nice surprise)! I can’t express enough how great she was! She was so helpful leading up to the day and kept me calm and provided recommendations during covid. I wish I could give Veil Events 10 stars!

Amanda Sullivan & Matt Hanrahan – 8/21/20 – KCMO 
(Wedding Coordinator: Lindsay Kooser)
(Photo Credit: Kelsie and Alex Photography)

Veil Events is nothing short of AMAZING!

Veil Events is nothing short of AMAZING! I hired Lindsay for month of coordination and additional decoration assistance. From our first meeting, to rehearsal, to decorating the venue, to making sure everyone was on schedule, and up until send-off, everything was perfect! Lindsay and her team did everything possible to make the planning process, and wedding day run as smoothly as possible! She never hesitated to help when I needed it and went above and beyond with my requests. She has such a creative mind and a positive attitude about everything, that makes planning even more fun! I would recommend Veil Events to anyone and everyone! My favorite part of booking with Veil Events is how once the wedding day rolled around, everything was out of my hands and into Lindsay’s and me and my family were able to just enjoy and take in every moment of the day. She really wants the best for every one of her brides and I can’t thank her enough for helping to make my big day, the best day ever!

Kaylie Opskar & Spencer Rogers – 8.2.20 – Abe and Jakes, Lawrence, Ks
(Wedding Coordinator: Lindsay Kooser)
(Photo Credit: Amber Renae Photography)

I can’t thank Lindsay E. and Veil enough!

“I cannot say enough good things about Veil Events and my Coordinator Lindsay E.! From the time I set up my initial meeting with Veil and then my next meeting with Lindsay, I knew it was going to be perfect. Any question, concern, idea, etc. that I had she always talked with me and helped me feel better about decisions. With COVID going on, Lindsay was there to provide insight, recommendations, and support for whatever we decided. When it came to the week of the wedding, Lindsay ran through everything with me and helped me shake a lot of the nerves that I had. Day of the wedding, she was there for me whenever I needed something or took care of things if I didn’t like what was going on. She seriously made wedding planning, the wedding, and life so much easier! I can’t thank Lindsay E. and Veil enough!”

Hillarie Martin & Nick Eisenberg – 9.5.20 – 2016 Main Event Space

(Wedding Coordinator Lindsay Eshelman)

(Photo Credit: Haylie Meyer Photography)

You NEED a Coordinator

“When I first started getting into the whole planning a wedding thing, I questioned if I truly needed a coordinator. Let me cut to the chase by saying YES. You NEED a coordinator! I was lucky enough to have Christie as my coordinator. & when I say she is super woman, I mean she took care of EVERYTHING! From planning the timeline, to working with the different vendors, to bringing my bouquet, & being there to pick up the train of my dress every time I turned around – I have no idea how she did it all, but she did & she did so flawlessly.

We had a few hiccups during the day, as all weddings do, but Christie was there to put out the “fires” way before I even knew about them. I am forever grateful for her, for making my day so stress-free & memorable. I had no idea what all really goes into coordinating, but now that I know I can say you will not regret hiring one! Worth every single penny & then some! So thankful for Christie & all the hard work she put in! ❤️”

Jeri Billings & Dustin Carpenter – Wedding Date 7.10.2020  – WIllows Bend
(Wedding Coordinator Christie Pease)
(Photo Credit: Moments of Grace)

Our day was relaxing and enjoyable

“We would absolutely recommend all brides using Veil Events to help ease the stress of wedding planning! Lindsay helped us get our day of timeline in order which really helped us get organized and know when to have our vendors show up. When we hired Veil Events we had the major decisions done but we were drowning in the small details that had easily been overlooked. Lindsay gave us recommendations for any vendors we had not hired and kept us on the track leading up to the big day.

Lindsay also coordinated with each of our vendors the week before the wedding to confirm and iron out any last-minute details. On our wedding day, Lindsay went above and beyond for us!! She handled all the payment/tip envelopes and got our wedding party where they needed to be among 100 other things. On the morning of our wedding we found out there would be protests occurring at the Capitol Building where we wanted to take pictures. I immediately texted Lindsay and she already had a backup plan in place and had already coordinated with our photographer on how to handle the situation. During our ceremony, she actually drove over to the Capitol to check out if we could go there to take pictures! We cannot give Veil Events enough praise and really encourage all couples to hire them!! Your wedding planning process, as well as your day of, will be so much more relaxing and enjoyable with Veil Events there to help!”

Lauren Amreins & Chris Dempewolf  – Wedding Date 5.30. 2020 & July 11th  – The Topeka Country Club
(Wedding Coordinator Lindsay Kooser)

Thank you for making my wedding perfect!

“Lindsay Kooser was my saving grace! To get married during a pandemic is not an easy task! From day one she was positive, organized, and encouraging. After changing plans multiple times, she helped me pull off the wedding of my dreams during the COVID19 pandemic. I highly recommend Veil Events to anyone planning a wedding, no matter the size or season! She takes care of anything and everything! Thank you to Veil Events for making my wedding perfect.”

Sydney Piles & Matt Lierz Wedding Date 5.23.2020 – The White Linen, Topeka, Ks
(Wedding Coordinator Lindsay Kooser)
(Photo Credit: Jaclyn Dickens Photography)

10/10 Recommend Veil Event!

“We hired Lindsay E. at Veil Events to be our month of coordinator and we did not regret it! Lindsay helped us to not only answer questions at the very beginning on our planning but also was available along the way for many questions such as vendors, decor, timeline, and more. Lindsay also helped us to make sure everything was in place throughout the many changes we had to face due to COVID-19. On the day of our wedding, Lindsay helped to coordinate and make sure everyone was in the right place at the right time including vendors, wedding parties, and family. She did everything from making sure my glass was always full, hair was perfect, gifts & cards were taken care of, the decor was set, and I’m sure much more that I didn’t even see.

Having a coordinator there was so great, especially Lindsay, because I never felt like I was being bossed around or stressed out more by the coordinator but that I had a VERY helpful friend at my wedding to help me keep my cool and make the day perfect. Using Veil Events was a great decision for us!! My family, husband and I were so happy that we got to plan the fun things together, but when it came to the stressful last-minute decisions, Veil Events helped to make sure they were taken care of. 10/10 would recommend Veil Events!!!”

-Madeline Boles & Ryan Key Wedding Date 5.23.2020 – Topeka, Country Club Topeka, Ks
(Wedding Coordinator Lindsay Eshelman)
(Photo Credit: The Philgreens)

Loved the Wedding Planning Guide!

“Veil Events helped with pulling everything together for the big day! It was great having a third person to help with all the responsibilities of the day. They also helped us think of things we weren’t aware of during our meetings before the wedding day.

I recommend hiring a wedding planner! It helps the parents, groom and the bride enjoy their day more because you don’t have to worry or have anxiety about things getting done and in place. We loved the wedding planning guide. It was a great checklist during our planning process”

-Martha Monaghan (Mother of the Bride) Wedding Date 2.22.2020 – Great Overland Station | Topeka, Ks
(Wedding Coordinator Lindsay Kooser)

Best Decision We Made!

“Hiring Rachel from Veil Events as my day of coordinator was THE best decision we made while planning our wedding. I didn’t know I needed a wedding coordinator until I had one and looking back I know I could not have had our perfect day without her! Not only did she facilitate our entire wedding day and rehearsal dinner but she also met with me multiple times to make sure she had a complete understanding of what we wanted on on a special day. I thought I had everything under control but the truth is I wouldn’t have known where to start without her. Having a wedding coordinator meant my husband and I had more precious time with our friends and family and, to my husband’s great appreciation, it meant a stress-free wedding week for me! Rachel set up my venue (every detail was stunning), she was in contact with every single vendor, she made sure we were all on schedule from hair and makeup in the morning to cake cutting at the reception and she did anything and everything I asked- including multiple things I didn’t even realize had to be done. I truly would have been lost without her. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for her incredible service. Because of Rachel’s passion for weddings, ability to anticipate our needs, organizational skills, and a remarkable job well done I was able to enjoy every second of our wedding without stress, worry or decision making. I haven’t stopped smiling since I said: “I do.” Thank you, Rachel, I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Jessie Youngblood & Michael Miller – Wedding Date 10.19.2019 
(Wedding Coordinator Rachel Job)

Veil Events was amazing!

“Veil Events was amazing! We met with them several times leading up to our wedding day. They were always on time and flexible with our schedule! They put together a wonderful timeline and provided great input when we asked wedding day questions. I felt totally prepared for the day after our last meeting. On the wedding day, Veil Events quickly resolved any issues that came up and made sure everyone was where they were supposed to be. They allowed my husband, family and I to fully enjoy our wedding day and that was so important to us! We are so grateful that Veil Events was there with us on our wedding day!”

Kelsey Broslavick & Nathan Wehrman  – September 14, 2019 – KCMO 

Best Money Ever Spent!

“I had already gotten the major things booked before hiring Veil Events but knew that on the day of the wedding I would need help corralling my huge wedding party & family. I didn’t want to have to stress about things getting done & Veil Events seemed to be the right fit. I met with Lindsey & she gave me an overview of what a Day of Coordinator does & I wrote a check then & there. It was the best money I could have ever spent to have a worry-free wedding day.  I went to the Veil Events Bridal Fair, which was a great way to meet different vendors & get ideas for my wedding day. The cake tasting was my favorite part! Closer to the wedding day Lindsay & Christie met with me a couple of times to make sure I was getting everything I needed to be done, knew what I wanted for decor, & anything they could assist with. On the day of, Christie was truly my rock who kept the whole day running flawlessly. I couldn’t imagine my wedding day without the support of Veil Events.
Christie worked her little tail off to make sure I didn’t worry about a thing. She met with me prior to the wedding to make sure I had everything in line.  She helped decorate the night before & morning of. She ran the rehearsal & made sure the wedding party knew what they were doing prior to the wedding. She was the contact person for the vendors, so I didn’t have to even think if they were even there. She made sure the day stayed on schedule & kept the wedding party where they were supposed to be. She got me anything I needed from a cup of water, a champagne bottle, to holding my train when we were taking pictures so I wouldn’t get it super dirty before I walked down the isle. She is the reason I didn’t have single stress on the day of my wedding & I got to just party with my friends & family!
The Wedding Planning Guide was GOLD!!! It had every possibility to do checklist which kept me organized while planning. I am a bit of a procrastinator, so it was nice to have a timeline of when to get things done. I put in all of my vendors & bridal party contact information which was super easy to refer to. In addition to having the guide, Lindsey would check in on me to make sure I was getting everything done & if she could be of any assistance to me with the planning process.” – Mrs. Lisa Schwarz Dinkel {Bride Wedding Date 9.14.2019} – Willows Bend Carbondale, KS 

Taylor Had It Covered!

“WOW! Where to start.. Without Veil Events my wedding day would’ve been a complete mess. All the little things that you wouldn’t think about on your wedding day, Taylor had it covered. Taylor did an amazing job and I would recommend her over and over again. At the end of the night we hoped in an Uber to get to our hotel, sad that wedding day was already over. Little did we know Taylor came to our hotel before we got there and had rose petals spread all over the floor and on the bed. She brought leftover food and snacks for our late night munchies and left a sweet note. Our night was extra special and having that surprise was awesome!” Mrs. Gina Francesca Himpel  {Bride Wedding Date 10.3.2019} – Schwin Farm | Leavenworth, Ks

(Wedding Coordinator: Taylor Christopher)

I highly recommend Veil Events to any couple!

“Lindsay and Taylor with Veil Events were absolutely amazing! We hired Lindsay and her team to be our “Day-of Coordinators” and I am so glad that we did. The planning up to the wedding had been so stressful but everything on the Rehearsal day and Wedding day went so smoothly. I didn’t have to worry about anything and the day went perfectly. I realized on the wedding day that we had left some items at my parents house that were very important to me to include in our ceremony and for a minute I was devastated, but Taylor and Lindsay were on the problem immediately trying to figure out a way to make sure my day was perfect and Lindsay ended up actually going to my parents house for me to pick the items up in Tecumseh and get them to our wedding in Lawrence! Taylor also was just everywhere on the wedding day making sure that everything got done perfectly while I was getting ready. She knew what needed to be done and didn’t have to even come to me to ask questions. It was such a worry free day thanks to Taylor and Lindsay and we couldn’t have asked for more from them! I highly recommend veil events to any couple who is planning a wedding. You will not be disappointed!'”  Mrs. Chelsea Iwig Hughes {Bride Wedding Date 10.12.2019} – Victorian Veranda Country Inn, Lawrence, Ks

(Wedding Coordinator: Taylor Christopher)

Wedding Planning Guide Was Extremely Helpful!

“Hiring Veil Events was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. Our wedding coordinator, Paige, helped me make decisions while wedding planning by giving her professional advice and putting together a detailed timeline to make sure that things ran smoothly on our big day. Wedding day was a breeze thanks to Paige and my husband and I, along with my friends and family, were able to relax and enjoy the day knowing that everything was being taken care and in good hands. My husband, who was a little unsure about hiring a wedding coordinator, was even raving about how amazing Paige was and said that hiring her was without a doubt worth every penny. I can’t imagine going through wedding day without a coordinator and would confidently recommend Veil Events to any bride!

The Wedding Planning Guide was an extremely helpful tool to use while wedding planning. Lindsay thought of it all when designing this guide and it is so helpful to keep track of vendors, budget, checklists and timelines. It is a great way to stay organized and on top of things in the craziness that wedding planning can bring.”  Mrs. Taylor Christopher {Bride Wedding Date 8.24.2019} – The Foundry Event


(Wedding Coordinator: Paige Auten)

She Made An Incredible Timeline For Us:

“I cannot say enough good words about Paige, Lindsay, and Veil Events. From the day we hired Paige Auten, she was a resource for any questions we had all the way through wedding day. She made an incredible timeline for us, gave us great advice on wedding day decisions, and made wedding day a BREEZE. I was able to fully enjoy and take in every little moment of wedding day because I knew Paige was taking care of everything. Caden even mentioned how grateful he was that we had hired Paige because he knew how much of a burden that took off of me. We are so extremely grateful that we had Paige on our side for wedding day, it truly was the best day ever.”
 Mrs. Katy David Locke {Bride Wedding Date 8.31.2019} – The Foundry Event Center

Paige Took Care of Everything:

“Our wedding day was stress free thanks to Veil Events! In attempt to save money, we weren’t going to hire a wedding coordinator, however, after finding Veil Events at the price they charge, it would have been silly not to, and I’m so glad we did! When I hired Veil Events, I thought I had most of my details planned out, but the guide they provided me helped pinpoint different ideas that I hadn’t even thought of. Paige, our day of coordinator, was amazing and drove to Kansas City to meet with me one on one, no questions asked. The day of the rehearsal dinner, she came to my house to transport the decorations and reception items to limit what me and my family would have to transport. The day of the wedding, she took care of EVERYTHING. I felt like I could truly enjoy our wedding day without the stress of the details. I’ve already recommended Veil Events to my friends beginning to plan their wedding and will continue to do so in the future!” Mrs. Sierra Henness {Bride Wedding Date 4.28.2019} – Heritage Hall |  Liberty, Mo

They Made Everything Easy

“I cannot speak highly enough about Veil Events!!! From the moment I began working with these ladies, they made everything so easy. They were always available and met with me numerous times before my wedding day. My personal wedding planner was professional, friendly, and made me feel like my wedding day was as important to her as it was to me. She didn’t miss a detail in the planning, decorating, and execution of the entire day. I honestly didn’t have to worry about a single thing and was able to enjoy my wedding day to the fullest!! I HIGHLY recommend Veil Events if you are looking for a vendor to help make your wedding day memorable and as stress free as possible!!!.”  Mrs. Stacy Schreiner-Stewart {Bride Wedding Date 5.3.2019} – The Foundry Event Center

(Wedding Coordinator: Paige Auten)


Christie Explained The Benefits of First Look to My Stubborn Groom!

“Veil Events events helped from the first meeting. I was nervous about the wedding timeline and how to have the day go smoothly. Lindsay was as excited about our wedding as we were. She understood our vision, listened to us and made us feel like the most important couple. Lindsay explained the basic timeline and how to make the day perfect for us. She was able to explain the benefits of a first look to my stubborn groom and change his mind. This allowed us more time together on the day of the wedding.
Lindsay was always available for any questions I had as I was planning. Christie and Lindsay went to the vendor and caterer appointments with us. This allowed us all to be on the same page and I was relieved that they knew our vendors and trusted that they could work together to make our day perfect.

Christie is calm and professional. She was always in the background, taking care of me and the day. I don’t know what I would have done without Christie. I loved trusting that she was taking care of the little details and keeping the wedding moving so we could get to the party!

Christie really matched well with us and our bridal party. I’ve already recommended you and Christie to two friends with daughters getting married.

I also really liked the Wedding Planning Guide. It helped me think through the day and the details. The guide kept me on track and allowed me one place to keep track of vendors and details for the wedding.” – Mrs. Jana Tuttle Westhoff  {Bride Wedding Date 8.31.2019} – Maceli’s Banquet Hall | Lawrence, Ks

(Wedding Coordinator: Christie Pease)

I Was Calm & Stress Free Thanks to Veil Events

Lindsay was absolutely amazing! I can’t thank her enough for everything she did for us on our wedding day. She put together a detailed timeline and executed it perfectly! She handled all the little details that I didn’t want to worry about and made our day so stress-free and wonderful! We were able to sit back and enjoy it all! I highly recommend Veil Events!! Mrs. Samantha Hecker  {Bride Wedding Date 6.1.2019} – Maceli’s Banquet Hall | Lawrence, Ks

(Photo: Pond Photography)

Hands-down best, most stress free wedding planning experience!

“Lindsay and her Veil Events team were absolutely incredible to work with! To start Lindsay has such a fun, friendly personality which made her so easy to work with. From the initial meeting a few months after we got engaged, until the night of the wedding, they made this experience for us so stress free. Going into the day, I felt so relaxed and prepared because of how organized these ladies were. They thought of things and gave their advice on aspects of wedding planning that I didn’t even realize was a decision I would have to make. From our itinerary, to coordinating with vendors, the morning of I didn’t get a single phone call and was able to relax with my bridesmaids. They were so accommodating and flexible when it came to meeting with us, as we’re located in KC, and always had an agenda ready for us to get through. Their organization was amazing- my husband even commented on it after our first meeting, saying, “wow, I don’t feel like I have anything to worry about- she literally thought of everything!” Another thing that impressed us about Veil Events was their professionalism when it came to discussing potentially difficult topics or wedding party members. They were very matter of fact, and happy to give extra instructions to certain people, or keep certain people away from other people, and gave reassurance that we wouldn’t even notice it when the day came- and they were absolutely right! Veil Events exceeded our expectations from day 1, and finished it off with decorating our suite the night after our reception with rose petals, and they had stocked our fridge with leftovers from the food and cake at the reception! It was perfect and something we never even thought of! I would highly recommend Veil Events to any bride in the area looking for the hands-down best, most stress free wedding planning experience.”
 Mrs. Mel Walker {Bride Wedding Date 12.4.2018} – The Westin, KCMO

I Was Calm & Stress Free Thanks to Veil Events

“A person who helped make my day perfect was Lindsay Arnold Kooser with Veil Events. I never had to worry and wonder about anything. Lindsay was there to field questions, talk to vendors, and simply make my day easy and enjoyable. We had meetings prior to the wedding to ensure I had things done on my end and she definitely thought of things I hadn’t even considered yet. She helped organize all the troops (staff, DJ, photographer, bridal party) when we made the decision to move the wedding outside 30 minutes prior to the ceremony and I never worried once. Several people made the comment they couldn’t believe how calm and stress free I was when it came to planning the wedding…well I have Lindsay to thank for that! My one piece of advice to anyone getting married…hire Lindsay or one of her amazing coordinators. Derek and I both agree it was an amazing experience because of her!” Mrs. Kelsie Nicholson  {Bride Wedding Date 5.18.2019} – Willows Bend | Topeka, Ks

We Can Not Thank Veil Events Enough

Lindsay Arnold Kooser did the most amazing job coordinating our wedding day. Every single thing was executed flawlessly. Lindsay went above and beyond and I cannot speak highly enough of her. She is professional, positive, and incredibly detailed oriented. We cannot thank her enough for what she did to truly make our day the best ever. She was even able to correct a florist setup error at the last minute. She created a perfect timeline and made sure we stuck to it, pivoting when necessary. I would highly recommend her as your wedding day coordinator.” – Mrs. Allison Wyand {Bride Wedding Date 5.11.2019} – Feast of Fancy | Kansas City, MO

I Would Highly Recommend Veil Events to Anyone!

Once we hired Veil Events they helped us with our timeline right down to the small things and reminded us of things we had forgot about that needed to be done. They were always prepared to get things figured out and exactly how we wanted them. Hiring Veil Events Its totally worth it. With Lindsay being there before hand to help with timeline and then being there on day of wedding to help with my dress and talked to venders that way everything was on the same page and her knowing how we wanted things and making sure it happened that way, was amazing. Having someone that is there for you on your wedding day is the best thing!!
Also The Wedding Planning Guide she gave me was so helpful in organizing the venders and the lineup and having everyones contact number in one place so that way i could give it to her and they had it all just in one Guide and not a whole bunch of papers for a large binder. Also being able to write notes in it to help with vender and remind yourself about things for wedding day or night before was fantastic. The Wedding Planning Guide was Amazing!!
Lindsay did an amazing and we could not have asked for better. Thank You so much Lindsay on our AMAZING MAGICAL DAY. Helping to get everyone from point A to Point B and helping me throughout the day i couldn’t not think you enough. I would Highly recommend you to anyone i know. Also I can not wait to see pictures soon of the New BABY!!!! – Mrs. Courtney Zimmer  {Bride Wedding Date 4.27.2019} – The Pavilion Event Space | Kansas City, Mo

The Best Decision We Made

“Once we hired Veil Events they helped us put together all of our small details and was a calm in the midst of the disorganized storm I had going on. Lindsay thinks of everything! This isn’t her first rodeo and she helped me think about details that I wouldn’t have thought of. She put a timeline of the rehearsal and the day of together and made sure all of my vendors were aware of the timeline. It was really nice to know everything wasn’t just on my shoulders and that my mom didn’t have to worry about anything the day of either. She made sure the set up of our venue and centerpieces was flawless while we took photos and helped with absolutely anything I needed her to during the day.


I just can’t believe at one point I thought I didn’t need a day of coordinator! I thought I could just do it myself and work with the DJ for the timeline, and if I had done that our day would have not gone like it did. I would have been so stressed out and I wouldn’t have known what to do if I got thrown off and your ability to corral people is amazing!


Every bride should hire Veil Events! When I tell anyone about hiring Lindsay for my wedding, the only way I know how to describe her is as a saint. I can honestly say I would not have been able to enjoy my wedding day as much and I would have been extremely stressed if she was not there.  She kept the timeline in check, she organized the ceremony, the wedding party entrance and worked with all of the vendors so I didn’t have to. I would say if any bride actually wants to enjoy her wedding day, the company and not feel stressed then they should definitely hire Veil Events. There are plenty of emotions on wedding day and stress doesn’t have to be one of them.


One thing I didn’t realize, was how difficult it could be to corral the wedding party and make sure everyone is on the same page and doing what they are supposed to, but Lindsay always had everyone in the right spots at the right time. I can honestly say having Lindsay there was one of the best, if not the best decision we made for our wedding. If ANYTHING happened, she was right there ready to fix it and I could not be more pleased with her service.” – Mrs. Colleen Brennan {Bride Wedding Date 10.13.2018} – The Guild | Kansas City, MO

My Wife Could Truly Enjoy Her Day

“Lindsay from Veil Events coordinated our wedding on August 4th, 2018. I can’t thank her enough for all she did to help make our wedding absolutely perfect. She took so much off of my wife’s mind and allowed her to truly enjoy her wedding day, and to me, that was worth everything in itself. She was very organized, there was nothing that was forgotten and even the smallest detail was accounted for, the whole day flowed perfectly. We would definitely recommend Veil Events to other Bride and Grooms!” – Mr. Nick Guindon {Groom Wedding Date 8.4.2018} – Abe and Jakes Landing | Lawrence, Ks

The day was perfect and I couldn’t have imagined it any better.

“Lindsay helped me with EVERYTHING! Seriously, she helped make sure that each detail of the day was absolutely perfect. Everything from coordinating with vendors to setting up centerpieces to taking my veil off so I could have some fun. Lindsay was the go to person that weekend. I know that each person appreciated all of the behind the scenes work Lindsay did, especially our parents. Lindsay made sure that each member of the wedding party knew where to be and when for each little detail. She even hand delivered something special from my hubby to me before I walked down the aisle.  She made sure that if anything did go awry, I was not aware of it! She even made a last minute trip to Hobby Lobby the day of the wedding for me! I could not have gotten through the day without her!!

Hiring Lindsay is the BEST decision you could make. Totally worth all of the work she does for you and effort she puts in to make your day as special as you deserve! It will make your wedding day so much more enjoyable.The day was perfect and I couldn’t have imagined it any better, Lindsay made each and every moment of that whole week so much easier for me.” – Mrs. Amanda Brooks {Bride Wedding Date 12.2.2017} – The Foundry | Topeka, Ks

Our Big Day Felt Effortless

“Lindsay made our big day feel effortless. My husband and I had a very trying month leading up to our wedding day, so being able to have someone step in and take over was the best thing we could have asked for. Our day was absolutely perfect thanks to Lindsay. Her attention to detail and positive assertive energy was just what we needed. The week of the wedding she made sure all our vendors were coordinating together. She made the phone calls and last minute emails so we could get through our week of work and be able to sleep at night. Rehearsal day she steps in and makes sure everyone knows where they need to be and how they all work together for the actual wedding day. From the minute to minute timeline, last minute check list of common things we should bring with us. Helping track down people who needed boutonnière, making sure the gifts made it home and clean up afterwards. Our wedding was everything we wanted it to be and more (having Lindsay as one of my best friends and a bridesmaid for our big day was even more special. She still got to enjoy the perks of being in a wedding party, but she also made sure everything was taken care of and made us feel special).” – Mrs. Jennifer Baugh {Bride Wedding Date 9.23.2017} – The Cider Gallery | Lawrence, Ks

Hiring Lindsay Is Worth Every Penny:

“Once I hired Lindsay, she immediately starting helping us with selecting vendors. I remember being particularly unsure of what DJ we should choose. We ended up hiring the DJ she recommended and he was amazing!

A few weeks before the wedding she helped us create a wedding day timeline.

The day before she showed up to check out the venue and get an idea of where everything was located and helped us with a few last-minute details. She was also there for us at the rehearsal and made sure that everyone knew what they needed to be doing. I know this wasn’t exactly an easy job to do.

Lastly, but most importantly she was there on the wedding day. There are so many things that she helped us with on the day of, I probably won’t be able to name them all, but I’ll try. While the bridal party was getting ready she helped get the flowers where they needed to go, she kept us on time, made sure that I had something to eat and stayed hydrated, she helped my MOH with the corset on my dress, and she helped me carry my dress through the hotel lobby on the way to do the first look, and that was before by 11 a.m.

At the church, she helped the bridal party members remember where they needed to go. For the family members who were assisting and were not able to make it to the rehearsal the night before you quickly provided them instructions on what their duties where, and where they needed to be and when they needed to be there. She made sure our audio team was prepared and in place, and you stayed on top of the photographer and made sure she was getting enough photos.

Once the ceremony started she went to the reception hall to ensure that everything was in order. The vendors were in place, the lights were just right, and everything was just as it should be. Once we got there, she made sure that the bridal party all had a beverage. She kept the DJ informed of where we were at so he could do his introductions. While we walked around and greeted our guests she kept us moving. We may not have got to every guest if you hadn’t been there to keep us moving along.

Throughout the entire night there were several other things that she was on top of and ensured that they went smoothly. The last item that she helped us with was the most unexpected. After the reception we headed back to the hotel room to find that she had called room service for us and asked them to clean the room, which it had been a disaster from earlier that morning. There were rose petals leading into the bedroom and laid out over the bed, one of our unused signs from the reception was laid out on the bed with “Mr & Mrs Fundis” written across it, and there was a little note from heron one of the tables letting us know that there were left overs in the fridge.

Hiring Lindsay is worth every penny of your money. You only get married once and the day goes by so fast, so let yourself and your family enjoy every minute of the big day, and let Lindsay help you with the details. Hiring Lindsay and choosing not to wear heels were some of my best wedding choices.” – Mrs. Jessica Fundis {Bride Wedding Date 2.11.2017} Capital Plaza | Topeka, Ks

She Makes You Feel Comfortable:

“I would 100% recommend Lindsay to other brides. She was more than just a “wedding planner” but become a friend too. Her personality is so fun and bubbly and that makes her easy to work with. She makes you feel comfortable and reassures you throughout the wedding process. There was never a second on my wedding day where I felt stressed out…she had everything taken care of!
Lindsay is such an inspiring person. Her hard work and dedication pays off! I love how she set goals for yourself and deadlines and she get them done! (And helped me with my deadlines during the wedding planning process).” – Mrs. Annie Boeken {Bride Wedding Date 9.16.2017} – Cider Gallery | Lawrence, Ks

Basically everything imaginable that any bride could want!

“Hiring Lindsay is the best choice I made when planning my wedding. The great part about Lindsay for me was I still wanted to do all my wedding planning, but she was there to help tie it all together and ensure all my ideas and wants came out just as I had imagined. Being an out of town bride, the logistics for my 250+ guest wedding quickly felt like it was out of control, but Lindsay made sure it didn’t get that way by connecting with my vendors, keeping everyone on schedule, decorating my whole reception so all my friends and family could attend the ceremony and so much more I can’t even put into words. I had the advantage of knowing Lindsay growing up so I already knew what a great person she was. But, for those of you seeking a wedding coordinator and you don’t know Lindsay already you have nothing to worry about! She is kind, accommodating, patient and creative. Everything you could ask for in someone working with you on the most important day of your life! I would recommend her to anyone. She also has an amazing other business Rodan and Fields (skincare). I started using the products about a year before my wedding and they really helped my skin be the best I have ever seen it. Which, when you fork out all that money for pictures is SUPER important – so I highly recommend using her for that too :)” – Mrs. Allison Baker {Bride Wedding Date 6.17.17}  – Abe and Jake’s | Lawrence, Ks

We Had Complete Faith In Her:

“Lindsay, did so much for us during our wedding planning process and on the wedding day. She took the weight off our shoulders and we are so thankful for that. Our wedding day was stress free and fun thanks to her. I can’t imagine doing it all again without her. She was always there to answer questions for me. She helped relieve stress because I knew that she would be there on our special day and if anything went wrong she would take care of it. She helped us figure out little details that I had not even thought of. It was such a relief to know I didn’t have to keep track of the time during the day and she would guide me to where I needed to be. It was great to have all the vendors talk to her instead of me or my husband or our parents. I would tell other brides that Lindsay is going to give 100% to the bride and the groom. She will take care of their issues on their wedding day and they may not even know about it. She is dedicated and will help the bride and groom and their family feel that the wedding day is going so smoothly. I loved seeing my mom not be stressed on the wedding day and be able to enjoy every minute. We had complete faith in you and you never let us down.” – Mrs. Hannah Hecker – {Bride Wedding Date: 6.3.17} – Red Barn Events | Ozawkie, Ks 

Provide Me With A HUGE Sense of Relief! –

Since my fiance/husband was miles away Lindsay helped calm me down and bring my focus in while planning for the big day solo. Lindsay, also provided me with a HUGE sense of relief that I knew my vision of my big day would come true with her at the forefront putting everything together.

Hiring Lindsay was the best choice we made during their wedding planning.  Having the sense of comfort and relief that someone had your back on your big day, and knowing that she is doing everything she can to help make your dream come true.  As women, we dream for a long time of what our wedding will look like, and having an extra pair of hands, like Lindsay, she can help make that dream a reality. Lindsay is amazing!!” –  Mrs. Paige Deghand  {Bride Wedding Date 12.31.16} – Ag Hall  | Topeka, Ks

Lindsay is the best!

“She is friendly, reliable, creative and so much fun to have around! She truly made our wedding day more perfect than we ever could have imagined. Thank you for all your time and effort you put into making our wedding so amazing!” – Mrs. Lauren Korte {Bride Wedding Date 6.4.16} – Compton | Lawrence, Ks

Lindsay’s Obviously Done This Before

“While I designed my own invitations, Lindsay helped me proof and finalize the invites and save the dates. She made sure all the files were sized correctly for a clear print. She printed our save the dates and invitations suites.

Lindsay also helped with day-of wedding coordination. We met with her a few times, the final meetings being the most helpful. She created an extremely detailed day-of timeline that was incredibly helpful on my wedding day – she had an answer to every, single question that came up on the day. She also met with us on the week of my wedding to look over all of our wedding decorations, guestbook, dinner ware, barware, etc. Lindsay made sure every item had a place and knew where to find them on the day-of.

Lindsay Kooser is a steal! We would have paid her double. She knew all the questions to ask me beforehand in order to make sure I didn’t have to answer any questions on my wedding day.

She’s obviously done this before – she knew what was going to happen before it even happened! She knew how my dress worked, she knew details about my venue, she knew how my Priest worked. She knew it all!

What I didn’t notice, my family and friends said Lindsay never left my side on my wedding day.

My husband, my parents and my in-laws are extremely thankful for Lindsay’s help. Furthermore, nearly everyone involved in our wedding day noticed Lindsay’s hard work, professionalism and knowledge.”  Mrs. Kara Rodriguez {Bride  Wedding Date 11.14.15} – Heritage Hall | Topeka, Ks 

Don’t have a wedding without her!

“Hiring Lindsay was the best decision we made. It was very helpful to have her walk us through the timeline of the wedding day.  It was nice that she encouraged Bre do what she wanted in a way that still made the day flow nicely.  We would have been lost without her experience and expertise. OH MY GOSH, the wedding day would have been a MESS had she not been there.  I can’t tell you how awesome it was to be able to enjoy the ceremony and reception without a care in the world.  It was nice having her take over without having to give any instruction.  Having her help with setting up was awesome. She was supportive without being intrusive. I would tell any mom “don’t have a wedding without her!!” – Juli  Haller {Mother of the Bride – Wedding Date 10.17.15}

 Expect A Total Peace of Mind

“What didn’t she help me with! She did all of the paper supplies for our wedding so wonderfully. When we were working on the invitations, I was expecting to have to create something from scratch and spend countless hours scouring the internet for inspiration. However, she already had a design created that I fell in love with, so we just adapted it for my wedding, so that was the first of many processes that you made way easier than I expected it to be.
Since she was our Day of Coordinator, we met a few times to discuss all the wedding details and the timeline. I was insanely stressed out and overwhelmed by details before each meeting, but I would leave each meeting feeling like a weight had been lifted off of me and there was nothing for me to worry about because she had everything under control. Lindsay liaised with my vendors, thought of every detail that I would have overlooked, came up with incredibly fun and unique ideas, and brought to life all of my crazy ideas. She created a super-detailed timeline and made sure everyone stayed on schedule the day of the wedding. She managed to be in a thousand places at once that day; her incredible organizational skills and energy kept everything perfectly in line. I have no complaints, regrets, or wedding day mishaps to complain about, and that is completely due to her hard work.
I would tell another bride who hired Lindsay that they had just made the best decision they could possibly have made for their wedding. If they hired her for paper materials or their wedding, they will get the best quality and customer service available. If they hired her to be their coordinator, they will benefit in many ways, but the best things they can expect are total peace of mind and the ability to really enjoy their wedding without worrying about all the details.
Hiring her was by far the best decision I made for my wedding. We couldn’t have been happier with her work and we will be recommending Lindsay to everyone we know!” – Mrs. Christina Wissman {Bride Wedding Date 9.26.15} – The Oread Hotel | Lawrence, Ks

It’s your day too and Lindsay makes sure if it!

“What did Lindsay do for us on wedding day?? Everything and anything! She recommended Louie who was perfect! (the officiant) The invites were lovely as well as all of the printed materials.  The Day of Coordination was amazing. This was truly the best day of my life.  I got to enjoy our families without worrying about details.  You had everything covered!  The icing on the cake was when the kids told me you decorated their suite.  You are so kind, generous, creative, organized and truly amazing!

 Lifelong Customers!

“Is there anything she didn’t help with?!?!
– Making sure we had a smooth timeline for the day of, and rehearsal dinner
– Ensuring we had gotten all vendor bases covered
– Helping us decide how to incorporate kids/family into the ceremony
– Help with deciding how we wanted the set up of our ceremony and reception
– On the wedding day you ensured everything went smoothly with all the vendors while I was relaxing and prepping the wedding morning
– Made sure we got every single picture we wanted fur our families
– Helped with the room switch to make sure our reception was everything we imagined
– Worked with our other vendors to ensure we got back from taking pics at a perfect time, and that the DJ announced everything perfectly
– Made sure we actually got some food!
– Got all our gifts to our hotel room and decorated it perfectly ❤

Hiring her was BEST decision for our wedding day. I know some people think a day of coordinator is not necessary, and I may have been one of those people at first; however, after realizing what a big job it is to keep everything straight on the wedding day I knew it was the best choice. If I had to do it over, I wouldn’t have hesitated for a second knowing what I know now. Lindsay helped our wedding day go absolutely perfect, and if anything did go wrong, we knew nothing about it and I know Lindsay handled it perfectly. Lindsay has the perfect attitude and personality to both ensure she is getting along with everyone and things are going smoothly, but also the stern look to get onto the guys (crazy groomsmen) and keep their behavior in check. Such a fun and organized person to work with, really enjoyed her being apart of our day.” – Mrs. Darlene Miller {Bride Wedding Date 8.29.15} – Maceli’s Banquet Hall | Lawrence, Ks

Lindsay Helped us Accomplish Our Goal

“As mother of the groom, my husband and I hosted the wedding weekend for our son and our future daughter-in-law from the Rehearsal dinner, wedding day activities, Ceremony, Reception and morning breakfast the day after the wedding. We had a rehearsal dinner for 80 at a private club and formal, plated dinner for 200 guests. My husband and I wanted the weekend to be as stress free as possible for both us and the bride and groom. Lindsay made that happen.

We hired her for the Save the Dates, Rehearsal and Wedding invitations along with programs and signs. She did a wonderful job, very creative and designed exactly what the bride and groom wanted. Lindsay is very easy to work with, along with having great recommendations and suggestions. She listened to us and followed through on time.

She was contracted as our Day of Coordination person, which I would highly recommend to any parent planning a wedding. She assisted the wedding party during the rehearsal at the direction of the priest. Gave out timelines to the wedding party for the next day and helped coordinate the wedding day activities prior to the ceremony with us. She filled in at the bride’s home for me when I needed to be with the groom and groomsmen at our home. She was invaluable at the Church from decorating the bride and grooms car through entrance/exit and family pictures afterward. My husband and I had only a couple questions asked of us at the Reception. Lindsay handled all others. She assisted the hotel staff, guests and the members of the wedding party throughout the evening. She was with us all day.

Lindsay helped us accomplish our goal, to be able to enjoy the day for both us and the bride and groom. It was a weekend we will all remember! Thank you Lindsay!”

-Deborah Sheehy – {Mother of the Groom Wedding Date 8.29.15}

Definitely Money Well Spent

“HIRE HER!!! You will not regret it. Lindsay was one of the greatest assets to my day that I never knew I needed. She literally thought of everything down to taking all of my gifts to my apartment at the end of the night. My parents and I didn’t have to worry about a single thing the day of, we just celebrated and enjoyed it! Definitely money well spent.

Prior to the wedding the biggest help was day of scheduling. Lindsay was so flexible with working with my photographer and getting together with us both and helping to make a schedule were we allotted just the right amount of time to everything we needed to squeeze into one day. I know there was no way I would have been able to make a schedule like that for myself.
Adam and I really appreciate everything she did for us and we cannot thank her enough :)”
Mrs. Emily Freund – {Bride Wedding Date 10.10.15} – Amigoni Urban Winery | Kansas City, Mo

Lindsay is Worth Every Penny!

“She helped me create the vision that was in my mind for all my wedding paper. She was able to answer questions I had regarding wedding etiquette, and helped me incorporate tradition with my own tastes. I also had the pleasure of working with her as my Day of Coordinator. I can truly say that the day of my wedding I wasn’t stressed about the details, and I owe much of that to Lindsay!! She helped myself and family plan the timeline for the day. The day of the wedding she was organizing, making sure things were running according to plan, helping me with things I needed help with and even things I didn’t realize I needed help with. 🙂 Hiring Lindsay allowed myself, the groom and family to enjoy the day as a celebration of marriage and not as an event that needed to be coordinated and directed! So grateful I had her by my side! ” – Mrs. Jonell Cvetkovic {Bride Wedding Date 10.24.15}

Lindsay is definitely giving “J-Lo the Wedding Planner” a run for her money! 

“The biggest help to begin with was getting me thinking about all of the details.  My mind was focused on the big tasks ahead of me, such as; ironing over 50 table cloths, LOL.  I know the first time Jonell, you, and I met at the coffee shop I remember thinking, “She is going to be so much help in the days before and the day of the wedding taking care of all the details!” and that proved to be true!! 🙂
I would tell other Mother of the Brides to …. Do it, do it, do it!  I takes so much pressure off of the mother and the bride the day of the rehearsal and the day of the wedding.  It allowed both of us to enjoy the day and not put any undo pressure on each other.  Lindsay took charge during the rehearsal, the morning of decorating Heritage Hall, and the day of the wedding making sure everything was happening on time.  There were also a couple of “saves” Lindsay did the day of when she went 10 miles back to my house to retrive the “Bar Box” that was left and was needed for set up that morning.  The other item was getting a small table cloth from her emergency kit for the guest book table at Heritage Hall.  I totally missed that detail and didn’t have anything at all to cover it.  She is definitely giving “J-Lo the Wedding Planner” a run for her money!” – Kathi Rakestraw {Mother of the Bride Wedding Date: 10.24.15}

I Felt As Though I Was At Someone Else’s Party!:

“If someone thinks they have no need for a wedding coordinator, in hindsight, they definitely do.  And there was so much more involved than I ever thought possible.

Lindsay virtually did everything from coordinating with vendors, keeping a time-line for the day to run smoothly, constantly running between both the bridal and groom parties to keep everything under control, running last-minute errands to get things people needed or had forgotten and virtually making sure that everyone was where they needed to be when they needed to be there.  And no one even really noticed she was there keeping things running smoothly.

 I would tell the Mothers of the Brides that you took over everything and I was completely able to just enjoy myself without a worry about anything at all!  It felt as though I were at someone else’s party!  My daughter was not even given a timeline for the day of just so that she did not have to worry about anything (and she didn’t).  I have told everyone who asked about the wedding that everything went off without a hitch!”  – Mrs. Kathy Ward (Mother of the Bride Wedding Date: 12.13.14}

No One was Coming To Me Asking Me Questions:

“Leading up to my wedding day, Lindsay was checking in and reminding me what needed taken care of. There are so many aspects to planning a wedding, it was easy to forget little things, but Lindsay was always organized and really kept everything on track.

I had a blast on my wedding day, and that’s because I didn’t have to worry about coordinating anything. No one was coming to me asking me questions or where things were. Instead, my conversations were focused on the guests and enjoying the day. Lindsay showed up at rehearsal and walked through how the ceremony would go. She planned the timing of everything from when the girls needed to be dressed and ready to when the photographer should show up and where. She handed every single member of the wedding party a detailed timeline so everyone knew where they should be and when. Lindsay also helped decorate the church and the reception hall (which we couldn’t get in until the morning of!). She talked to all of my vendors to see what they needed and made sure we had it for them. In the end, Lindsay really handled every aspect of my day (including holding my lip stick and making sure I re-applied before photos!).

 Lindsay knows how to take your ideas and make them happen. She puts everything she has into her work, from invites to coordinating. She has an eye for design, and she is absolutely fantastic to work with. Not only did Lindsay really help me relax and enjoy my wedding day, I know my mother and mother-in-law were able to enjoy the wedding day too because Lindsay was handling the details. In the end the best money spent on my wedding was with Lindsay. Thanks so much for everything! You helped make my wedding day absolutely perfect!” – Mrs. Angela Tenbrink {Bride Wedding Date 9.27.14}

Hire Her! This Was Hands Down One of the Best Decisions We Made!

“Lindsay is very professional and has an eye for detail. She helped me with figuring out the small details of how wedding day was going to run smoothly. She helped run the rehearsal which was very helpful because our rehearsal did not take all night! Lindsay kept all my vendors on time, made sure the decorations were where they were supposed to be, and kept the bridal party on schedule. She made everything run exceptionally smoothly! I and my mother did not have to worry about a thing.” – Mrs. Karalie Gantz {Bride Wedding Date 6.8.13}

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