Have you always wanted to work in the wedding industry? Well now you can, Veil Events offers a complete online training program to help you build your very own Wedding Coordination business.

What does our training look like?

This easy to follow training program includes 12 lessons that offer important information like, what is a wedding coordinator, designing a wedding day itinerary and tips on running a successful small business.

What can you expect to get out of our training?

Veil Events wedding coordination training is setup with 12 lessons. Each lesson includes a video, a downloadable pdf document and a to do list with steps to take on starting your business. The lessons go over information like knowing your role on wedding day, the prep work and meetings that take place with the bride, how to build a wedding day itinerary, what to pack for the day and details on the ceremony and reception. It also covers the steps it takes to start and brand your business. 

What to do after your training?

After you complete your Veil Events training, you will have the knowledge base necessary to start your very own wedding coordination business. As you gain clients you will also gain experience that will help you along the way! Our Veil Events Membership will help guide you and support you through your new adventure. For more details scroll below.

Veil Events Membership

The Veil Membership is a monthly membership program created to give you ongoing support and tools for success. With this membership you’ll be booking weddings sooner, you’ll feel more confident faster and never feel alone preparing for wedding day! It is a monthly investment of $35, mandatory for your first 3 full months. After the first 3 full months you have the option to continue your Veil Membership or cancel and lose access to the Veil Events Membership Private Training Page and your Personal website etc. 


What you receive as a Veil Member:
1. The Veil Wedding Coordinator Starter Kit:

  • 50 Business Cards
  • 10 Wedding Coordinator Flyers
  • Personalized e-mail address
  • Personalized website
  • 1 Printed Wedding Planning Checklist

2. Access to our private Facebook page for Veil Members only. This page will hold all of the forms, contracts, itinerary templates, graphics for social media, more wedding training and live Q&As with Lindsay Kooser.

3. Bridal referral opportunities in your market from Veil Events.

4. Marketing materials like banners, business cards, flyers, graphics for social media and much more!


Social media and Adverting guidelines:
Veil Event Members are able to promote themselves and their business through social media, but must adhere to the guidelines below.

1. Veil Events Logo: Only use on Veil Events provided graphics.

2. The name of your social media pages must include Veil Events following the member’s first and last name. Example: “Lindsay Kooser Veil Events” or “Lindsay Kooser Wedding Coordination Veil Events”.(Not allowed: “Veil Events” or “Veil Events Lindsay Kooser”)

3. Post are to be Professional and aid in promotion of the wedding coordination services provided. Example: graphics provided by Veil Events, Bride testimonials, pictures from the member’s past weddings, bride related content, etc. If one of our Veil Events Compliance staff members sees any post that fall outside the guidelines your social media page will be flagged and marked for deletion.

4. Veil Events provides design services for print and digital ads for a minimal cost to the member. Any other advertising graphics not supplied by Veil Events must be reviewed by Veil Events Compliance staff. E-mail us at 




How does the monthly $35 continuing education program work?
It is a monthly investment of $35, mandatory for your first 3 full months. After the first 3 full months you have the option to continue your Veil Membership or cancel and lose access to the Veil Events Membership Private Training Page and your Personal website etc. If you decide to cancel there is a $100 fee to rejoin the Veil Events Membership Program. Your first charge of monthly charge of $35 will be processed on the first of every month following the purchase of your training. (You will not be charged $35 the same month you purchase your training.) 


Can you start a Veil Events business if you don’t already work in the wedding industry?
Yes! The training gives you the foundation necessary to build a business in the wedding industry. Your membership will provide support as you learn and grow in your craft.


How do you build a following?
Like any small business word of mouth is a wonderful thing. But, thankfully as a Veil Events Member we provide graphics, social media content and marketing materials to help brand yourself and your new business. It just takes one wedding to start a referral base and build your following.


How do you get started?
Purchase our Veil Events Wedding Coordinator Training Program then you will receive access to Veil Events Member Facebook page. There you will find the graphics, marketing material etc. Your Veil Wedding Coordinator Starter Kit will be sent to you within two weeks of your training purchase. This will give you time to complete the 12 Lesson training.